6 Best Content Writing and Managing Tools to Help You Become a Better Writer

6 Best Content Writing and Managing Tools to Help You Become a Better Writer

Using the right content writing and managing tools can help you to become a better writer with less effort.

Nowadays, people are looking for unique content, which provides solutions, and creates the best user experience.

Therefore, many writers and bloggers are focusing on creating content that is easy to read and provides more value to the readers.

Writers must write engaging content that the audience will love to read and share with others.

The best and easy way to create unique content is by using online content writing and managing tools.

These tools help you to create well-researched and error-free content in less time. You can further use content managing tools to manage your different writing tasks effortlessly.

Further, in this post, we are going to list some of the most recommended online tools that can help you to improve your content writing and managing skills.

7 Best Content Writing and Managing Tools to Become a Better Writer

The below websites are providing the useful content writing and managing online tools:

1.      Editpad.org

Editpad is one of the finest online platforms that comes with a simple and easy-to-use simple text editor.

This text editor allows writers and bloggers to create and save their important notes online.

It works some as the notepad online and helps writers to create content without accessing MS Word or any other program.

Users can either copy-paste their text directly into the editor or can upload text files from their local storage to edit regular text.

This Editpad comes with a simple interface that allows writers to create and save notes online without any hassle.

Key Features

  • Free and compatible with all smart devices.
  • Let you upload text files from the local storage.
  • Counts the exact number of words typed or written in the editor.
  • Allows you to download the edited text file in .txt format.
  • Gives an option to access the previously saved files with one click.

2.     Articlerewriter.net

The article-writing tool by this platform helps writers to rewrite unlimited content for articles and other blog posts.

This incredible article rewriter uses the latest word and sentence changer techniques to rewrite input content.

It provides an easy-to-use interface and allows users to produce quality and accurate results in less time.

To check the working of this AI bases article rewriter, we have inserted some content into it and the results are:

Useful Features:

  • It supports multiple file formats.
  • This article rewriter is available in English, Indonesian, French, Dutch, and other languages.
  • The rewriter quickly rewrites the input content by using word and sentence changer techniques.
  • It allows you to copy the rewritten text in real-time with one click.
  • You can also download the output result in DOC format.

3.                 Grammar.com

This free online utility help writer creates error-free content within seconds.

It proofreads the given content and highlights all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors with one click.

By using this free writing tool, writers can submit and publish error-free content without any hurdles.

To check how accurate this tool is, we have entered some text into it and the results are:

Main Features:

  • It proofreads the content and highlights the writing errors within seconds.
  • This rewriter provides accurate suggestions to fix the error.
  • It counts the exact number of characters and words written in the input field.
  • You can use its Copy Text feature to copy result text in real-time within a single click.
  • It is completely free and safe to use for all purposes.

4.     Check-plagiarism.com

Once you have done writing content, don’t forget to ensure the uniqueness of the article.

The plagiarism checker by Check-Plagiarism.com lets you check the originality of any text within seconds.

It uses advanced AI technology and compares the given text with millions of online resources and databases.

This checker detects the plagiarized text and tells the percentage of unique and duplicate content.

To check how this online utility works, we have inserted already published text in it and the results are:

Key Features:

  • It provides an accurate plagiarized text report in no time.
  • This online plagiarism checker finds the actual source of plagiarized text for best citation.
  • The checker gives an option to generate the plagiarism report with one click.
  • It is completely free and requires no subscription to check the content originality.

5.     Dropbox.com

Dropbox is one of the leading content managing tools that help writers to manage their writing tasks with less effort.

This app is specially designed to reduce the workload so that you can focus on other tasks.

It lets writers save their articles online and sync them on the devices without any hurdles.

Writers can use this utility to share files and important folders with others without sending large attachments.

Useful Features:

  • It allows writers to easily collaborate, edit, or share content with other team members.
  • Dropbox keeps users’ files secure with the best online cloud storage.
  • It provides 2 GB of storage in its free version.
  • This tool provides hassle-free file-sharing features with others.

Key Features:

  • Writers can create projects and can add the card as per requirements.
  • It provides a limited email integration in its free version.
  • Trello gives an amazing drag and drops feature to easily move cards from one list to another.
  • It is free and easy to use for everyone.

6.                 Docs.google.com

Google Docs is an online word processor that allows writers to create and format documents with less effort.

It helps writers to manage their content and edit text files online with multiple useful features.

This tool provides an easy-to-use interface and allows users to access text files from anywhere.

To use this online tool for content management, create an account on it and start saving files for free.

Useful Features:

  • It provides a full-screen view for distraction-free content writing.
  • This tool offers a table of content tool for organizing the content in the best way.
  • You can also use it in offline mode for writing anywhere without any hurdles.
  • It is completely free and secure to use for everyone.


You can use any of the above content writing and managing tools to become a better writer.

The online text editor by Editpad.org will help you to write and save important blog information without accessing any writing software.

You can use an article rewriter to rewrite unlimited unique content within seconds. After rewriting the content, don’t forget to use the grammar-checking tool.

This will help you to make sure the content you are going to publish is free of any writing errors.

In addition, use Trello and Dropbox to manage your content with less effort.

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