Amazon Student Scholarship

Amazon Student Scholarship

Whether you just heard about the Amazon student scholarship or you are here to find out more information about it. 

This article will feed you with everything you need to know.

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This implies that a lot of people want to take advantage of this scholarship program. 

You can also be among the next beneficiaries of this program, only if you read this article to the end.


About Amazon Student Scholarship

If you are a student who can prove to the scholarship board that you have extraordinary leadership skills and high innovative thinking. Then, you should not hesitate to find out more about this scholarship.

The Amazon student scholarship was made known to the public by in 2014. And ever since, a lot of students have benefitted from the program.

The scholarship is majorly available to US undergraduates with good CGPA, leadership experience, and community involvement.

One of the goals of this scholarship grant is to create more awareness among college students in the US.


The Scholarship Worth

This scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that offers $5000 for tuition fees to its deserved applicants. 

In addition to the tuition fee, the students will also be given a sum of $500 to buy textbooks on

You should note that this grant is limited to only 50 selected undergraduates in the United States.


Level or Field of Study

You must be an undergraduate student from a US nonprofit college or institution. Meanwhile, the course may be from any area as long as it accredited by your institution

Host Country – USA

Eligible Country – USA

Student Eligibility

Only the brightest, active, and most engaged students are eligible for this scholarship. 

Therefore, you need a high CGPA together with solid leadership and social skill to be qualified.

Other eligibility requirements are highlighted below;

  • You must be a citizen of the US studying in an institution in the US.
  • You must be an undergraduate of a not-for-profit college institution.
  • Your course must be accredited by your institution.


How to Apply for Amazon Student Scholarship

If you are interested in being part of a beneficiary of this scholarship program, you are expected to write an essay about Amazon, its business, what it means to them, its various trade models, and its benefits to end-users who are patronizing Amazon.

It is now left for you to give the essay a good structure and ensure that you indicate the reason you chose Amazon.

To make this easier for you, you look at factors like; their sale support, pricing policy, accelerated delivery, distribution networks and coverage, product range, flexible payment method, and the reason why more people are patronizing amazon yearly.

You should also have in mind that amazon supply more product than just books.

After the essay is written and submitted, it will be reviewed by the AMZ- expert board. 

So, visit this link to register, submit your essay and apply for the amazon student scholarship.


Application Deadline

Since the application for this scholarship is yet to begin, there is no deadline yet. So, always check back on this website till the deadline is available.


Amazon $ 40,000 Scholarships Program

The Amazon Company awards scholarships of $40,000 to 100 students from the United States, as part of its Amazon Future Engineer program.

The scholarships were awarded for the purpose that students can pay for university and thus fulfill their academic aspirations.

Recipient students will receive $ 10,000 a year for four years while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at the university.

Through a statement, the online commerce company announced that young people are also guaranteed a paid internship at Amazon’s headquarters, located in Seattle, and accommodation.


About the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

“Amazon Future Engineer is a four-part program, from childhood to career, designed to train, educate and empower 10 million students from underrepresented and underserved communities to pursue careers in computer science,” they note.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that a computer science professional can earn up to 40% more than the average college graduate. 

However, most marginalized communities, have no training in this field.

For this reason, the Amazon program also gives students access to camps and classes where they can learn more about this branch of study.

America’s students, teachers, and school officials. 

You can to find out more about this scholarship. You can contact them at the email [email protected].

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the amazon student scholarship?

Does Amazon give a scholarship?

Yes, the amazon student scholarship and the amazon future engineer scholarship are among these scholarships.

Students are often awarded based on their CGPA, leadership skills, and innovative thinking.

Meanwhile, you will need to complete an essay before you will fully be accepted.

Is Future Engineering Scholarship Need-Based?

Yes, the future engineering scholarship is awarded based on academic performance, work experience, demonstrated leadership and participation in school, short answer responses, experience with computer science, financial need, family circumstances, among others

How Can I get a Free Scholarship?

Below are some ways to get a free scholarship easily.

  • Check for colleges or career schools within your locality that offers a scholarship.
  • Check your state grant agency.
  • Check your federal grant agency.
  • Pay attention to your library reference section
  • Use the U.S department of Labor free search scholarship tool.

Does Apple Offer Scholarship?

Apple grants high school students up to $2000 and apple products to help further their education. The major requirement is to have great academic achievement.


Conclusion: Amazon Student Scholarship

Having checked all the eligibility criteria for the amazon student scholarship, you should have known whether you are qualified for the grant.

If you are qualified for it, you should try to take advantage of it whenever the application is open. Don’t also forget to beat the application deadline.

Ensure that you share this article with your colleagues who might be searching for the amazon student scholarship.

You can let us know what you think about the scholarship in the comment section below. Thanks.

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