Best After School Jobs For 16-year-olds 

Best After School Jobs For 16-year-olds: As a young teenager, getting an after-school job is an excellent idea as it makes you financially independent at a young age so that you don’t have to disturb your parents to help you get things you need.

It also helps you develop the habit of saving, developing new skills, making new friends, and improving your communication and relationship skills.

Apart from developing the habit of saving others, working at a young age helps expand your professional network. It would be reasonable to meet with other individuals in different fields and help you gain vital skills that could be useful in the future.

Stick along as this article will list the best after school jobs for 16-year-olds


Benefits of working at a young age 

  1. It helps you develop new skills
  2. It makes you financially independent at a young age
  3. It exposes you to the reality of life
  4. Enables you to develop the habit of saving
  5. Improves your ability to communicate with other people


Factors to consider when choosing an after-school job 

  1. A job that is close to your place of residence
  2. A job that doesn’t come in between you and your studies
  3. A job that doesn’t make you tired unnecessarily
  4. A job that treats its workers well
  5. A job that pays relatively well

So as a young lad who might want to go out there in search of an after-school job, it is advisable to consider the above-listed factors as it would help you get the best and most comfortable job.

This article would, however, highlight the best after school jobs for 16-year-olds which include:


Best after school jobs for 16-year-olds 

Best After School Jobs For 16-year-olds 

  1. Babysitter

A babysitting job is an ideal after-school job; I don’t see it as stress if you already have the passion for taking care of babies; you could babysit for your neighbors, friend’s mom, aunt, sister, church member, or anyone that might need the services once you back from school.

A babysitter is estimated to make about $15 to $30 hourly, which you could be earning or even more each time you go and babysit for someone.


  1. Carwash attendant

Suppose you are an individual who loves anything related to motors and cars. In that case, doing the job of a carwash attendant shouldn’t be wrong as you get to see and explore different vehicles physically.

As a carwash attendant, you might also take on other responsibilities such as throwing away trash, vacuuming the interior of a car, and polishing and drying them. A carwash attendant is estimated to make about $16 hourly which could be what you could also earn.



  1. Fast food attendant

If you love anything related to the kitchen or food industry, then an after-school job as a fast-food attendant could be a good idea as you tend to work in places like restaurants, cafés, or an eatery.

Best After School Jobs For 16-year-olds 

  1. Cleaner

If you love tidying up and cleaning your environment, then doing the work of a cleaner as an after-school job isn’t bad.

As a cleaner, you could work in offices, homes, schools, restaurants, bars, hotels, organizations, factories, etc.

Cleaners are, however, estimated to earn about $14 an hour.

Best After School Jobs For 16-year-olds 

  1. Cashier

An individual who might be good in mathematics may find a cashier’s job as an after-school job suitable.

Your job as a cashier doesn’t only require you to handle cash as other responsibilities are accompanied by the position of a cashier, which include scanning the items bought by a customer, packing their things, taking payment, and returning change in cases where there is need to.

As a cashier, you tend to work in places like supermarkets, malls, grocery stores, and other types of institutions.

Cashiers are also estimated to earn about $11 hourly, which could be what you’d make or more while going home.


In summary, I believe this article has been able to list the best after-school jobs for 16-year-olds; I also think that this article has highlighted the factors young teenagers should consider before going out to look for an after-school job.

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