Bitcoin Giants Holding Huge Assets – Top Companies Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Giants Holding Huge Assets

Now that Bitcoin has entered into the main world of commerce and business, and gaining popularity, many companies from all over the world are showing great interest in Bitcoin investment. Big corporate houses are also included in this list. On June 28, 2021, as many as 34 companies had as much as 2,13,000 Bitcoins as per the data of Crypto Treasuries. That number is close to 1.14% of the total number of Bitcoins. And when you calculate it in terms of dollars, then it is worth US$7.4 billion as of that date.

Long ago when Bitcoin or rather Cryptocurrency was born, people never imagined that it would be a profitable idea to invest in Cryptocurrency. People may have had a good laugh over it. Now today many corporate houses have made huge investments in it. You could try your hand at it but be careful with the pitfalls in Bitcoin trading. Who knows, you also may strike it big.


A Peek into The Top Companies Investing in Cryptocurrencies

The lists of top companies that invest in Bitcoins are as follows:

  • MicroStrategy
  • Tesla
  • Galaxy Digital Holdings
  • Voyager Digital LTD
  • Square Inc.
  • Marathon Digital Holdings
  • Coinbase Global, Inc
  • Bitcoin Group SE
  • Hut 8 Mining Corp
  • Riot Blockchain, Inc

A few other companies include Digital Currency Group. Some other people also Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss who reportedly have a lot of Bitcoins.


Avery well-known business analytic house: its main assets are Bitcoins. The company is known for the cloud-based services and mobile software that it provides went on a Bitcoin-buying spree which is to the tune of US$3.3billion in BTC.


Next in line is Tesla, the manufacturer of electric vehicles. It is one of the companies that have a lot in terms of Bitcoins. It has approximately US$1.50 billion cryptocurrencies. But Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, sold off 10% of its Bitcoins share. By this tactic, he wanted to prove to the world that Bitcoins too could be liquidated instead of showing it on the balance sheets.

After selling off its 10% assets in Bitcoins, today Tesla has 42,902 BTC that is valued at US$1.37 billion. But since Bitcoin is highly volatile as per the record, the company will suffer a loss of US$25 million if it does fall.. And if it goes down, further then he will suffer another US$100 million again in the coming quarter.

Galaxy Digital Holdings

By far the largest holder of Bitcoins to date, Galaxy Digital Holdings has an estimated 16,400 BTC that is currently valued at US$522 million. The company is a merchant bank that is one of the largest shareholders of Bitcoins.


Voyager Digital LTD

Voyager Digital LTD is a crypto brokerage firm that has 12,260 worth BTC that is valued at US$390. They are the ultimate in trading your digital assets. As of May 2021, they showed an increase of 16 times the value of their previous value. They had a good time because of the increased interest in Bitcoins in general.


Square Inc.

Square Inc. has roughly about 4,709 Bitcoins that stand about US$50 million as of October 2020. Again, by February 2021, they bought an additional 3,318 Bitcoins valued at US$170. But they are against the idea of buying Bitcoins further.


Marathon Digital Holdings

Marathon Digital Holdings is an American mining company that has approximately 7,649 Bitcoins that has a value of US$ 363 million. So, they just might be out expanding their assets.


Other Notable Companies

Other notable companies include Coinbase Global, Inc. (US$230 million), Bitcoin Group SE (US$126 million), Hut 8 Mining Corp (US$112 million), and Riot Blockchain, Inc. (US471 million).


Closing Note

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and can swing wildly in any direction at any moment. So, there is no guarantee that any company that has big stocks today with high valued assets will have the same tomorrow. Yet it is still expanding and the companies are still holding tight on their cryptocurrencies.

This just might tell you that the future of Bitcoin is looking good and bright. Additionally, if you are in a mind to invest then just give it a shot and see how it works out for you. But be sure to invest a little in the first go as an experimental shot.

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