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University Of Toronto Scholarship (Apply Now)

  The University of Toronto having been established in the year 1872 is currently the largest Canadian university and ranked the 16th in the world. The University of Toronto also happens to be one of the world’s top research-intensive universities. The University of Toronto offers over 700 undergraduate programs and over 200 graduate programs, the University of Toronto was the first Canadian university to have amassed a financial strength of over $1 billion in 2007. With about 16,000 graduate students and over 68,000 undergraduates, the university is made up of mostly international students as international students hold up to 20% of the university’s population. The University of Toronto is also made up of 12 different colleges where students study and live with each college having its own buildings, dining halls, and libraries. The university also has an acceptance rate of about 43% because the university accepts both domestic and international students which makes admission into the university a competitive one for both local and international students.  

Complete Guide To Getting the University Of Toronto Scholarship

The Lester B Pearson scholarship was brought to the University of Toronto by the 14th prime minister of Canada in the person of Lester Bowles Mike Pearson often referred to as the father of modern peacekeeping and was one of the Canadian greatest prime ministers. He is also the only Canadian to win a Nobel prize for peace, and also had his BA from the University of Toronto in 1919. The University of Toronto / Lester B Scholarship is however open to only international students as it is not available to Canadian citizens; the scholarship also helps international students by giving them the opportunity to study in one of the world’s best universities.  

Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must be an international student who doesn’t possess a study permit
  2. Currently in your final year of secondary school
  3. Receive a nomination from your school
  4. Demonstrate academic excellence

The application process for the Lester B Pearson Scholarship

  1. Receiving a nomination from your school.
  2. Proceeding to apply for admission into the University of Toronto (while applying, chose the Lester B Pearson as a source of funding).
  3. Once the university has verified your nomination and you’ve already applied to the university, you would be sent an online Lester B Scholarship form which you would be required to fill out.
  4. Wait and you might eventually get the scholarship.
N.B: The Lester B Pearson scholarship only admits 37 students annually from around the world, the scholarship doesn’t only focus on the students’ academic achievements, but also assesses their behavior as the students are expected to be a positive impact on the global community and the scholarship is only available for undergraduate studies.  

Benefits enjoyed by Lester B Pearson Scholars

  1. Paid tuition fees
  2. Books used throughout the scholarship are paid by them
  3. Incidental fees
  4. Maintenance allowance
  5. Residence support for the duration of the scholarship
  The Lester B Pearson Scholarship value isn’t estimated at this moment as only benefits that are enjoyed by the scholars are available.  

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