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Canadian General Laborer Jobs

Who is a general laborer?

A general laborer is an individual that is tasked with the responsibility of conducting various tasks, thus supporting other workers in places like construction sites, factories, and warehouses.

General laborers also help assist other crew members by delivering the materials and other essential equipment needed to complete a project and to ensure such projects are completed on time.

Working as a general laborer would make you perform various tasks such as maintenance of various industrial machinery, transportation of such machinery, repairing and installing electrical lines, handling and transporting materials, erecting scaffolding, removing leads from buildings, digging trenches, and helping in unloading building materials, etc.

As a general laborer, little or no educational qualification may be required from you as long as you are physically fit and can perform strenuous tasks for a long time;

Many job opportunities are available for individuals that might want to work as general laborers. Some of these jobs are:

  1. Furnace repairer helper
  2. Electrical mechanical helper
  3. Constructor helper
  4. Forklift operator
  5. Production worker
  6. Packer
  7. Carpenters
  8. Package handler
  9. Landscape technician
  10. Irrigation technician

The above-listed are a handful of the jobs that are available for individuals that may want to come to Canada and do the job of a general laborer.


Eligibility requirement before you apply as a general laborer in Canada 

  1. Only individuals that are fluent in their use of English and French as both languages happen to be the official language of Canada.
  2. Only individuals that are 18 years old and above would be considered.
  3. Only individuals with a high school or secondary school diploma would be considered.
  4. Only individuals that have an experience in this field would be considered.
  5. Only individuals with a clean criminal record would be considered.
  6. Only individuals with no severe medical conditions would be considered.

How to apply as a Canadian general laborer

  1. Check Canadian job websites for general laborer jobs

Try surfing the internet and check trusted Canadian job websites like JOB BANK, which posts over 2,000 job ads daily.

Try searching for general laborer jobs and get in touch with employers and organizations looking for or hiring general laborers.

After you have found some, proceed to apply for the post of a general laborer and anticipate a positive response from the employer or organization.

  1. Check mobile applications for jobs

Many applications can be used to search for different kinds of jobs, including that of a general laborer; some of these applications are IndeedLinked-inGlassdoorZip recruiter, and a whole lot of other applications are available.

All you have to do is sign up and create an online Resume before you start searching for Canadian employers or organizations that are hiring general laborers.

  1. Do research for companies that needs general laborers

You can also surf the internet and browse for companies or individuals that need the services of a general laborer and try to get in touch with them. Hopefully, they will give you positive feedback.

The above-listed are the simplest ways of applying to work as a general laborer in Canada; it doesn’t end there as there are other methods such as

  1. Getting in touch with a Canadian recruitment agency that can help you get any good general laborer job
  2. Ask friends, family members, or acquaintances residing in Canada to help you look for a job as a general laborer.
  3. An express entry is an online system that the Canadian government designs to organize and process applications for skilled workers interested in coming to Canada to work and possibly immigrate to Canada after getting permanent resident status.


In conclusion, I believe this article has been able to teach you how to apply for general laborer jobs in Canada. I also think this article would serve as a guide for foreigners who may be planning on coming to Canada to work as a general laborer. It has highlighted the easiest ways of applying for general laborer jobs in Canada.

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