Cardi B Phone Number: WhatsApp Number, Email, and House Address

Tired of getting thousands of fake Cardi B’s contact info and want to get the updated real cardi b phone number? If yes, you are in the right place to get Cardi B real phone number, all I want you to do, is to read carefully and follow up to the bottom part to get the most out of this article and probably be a proud owner of cardi b phone number and of course email address, WhatsApp digit, and residence address.


This information is for general information purposes only. Opinions or points of view expressed in this article are obtained as a result of thorough web surfing by our research team and we own no right to it but serves as an educational instrument to the fans of Cardi B who are in need of her contact details.

The individual contact details appearing in this article, if any, are depicted for illustrative /general purposes only and are presumed erroneous until proven equitable by Cardi B.

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Cardi B Phone Number: WhatsApp Number, Email, and House Address: Contact Her If You Are a Fan Looking to get Cardi B Real Phone Number.

Cardi B is no doubt one of the hottest and most loved female rappers among her genre of music lovers, so it’s quite understandable if one finds it hard to resist her phone number. To some music lovers, It is an exuberance to have your favorite celebrity contact details.

People dream and long to get in a conversation with their favorite artiste all to show their support and loyalty for having them put smiles on their face, and due to this, a lot of people spend most of their time online searching for the below queries:

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Now, if you happen to be among those interested in getting in touch with cardi b read the below tips and frequently asked questions from top fans to fasten the chance of getting your call, text messages, and chats answered or replied by cardi b.

Will Cardi B Answer Me?

This is a common question asked among cardi b’s top fans. Before you ask this question, put yourself in her shoes, if you are a celebrity, would you take random calls from an unknown person? I know 70% will say NO but trust me the answer to your question is YES cardi b will surely answer your calls and even reply to your text messages if only you use the right approach to get her attention towards you. 

A lot of people will ask ‘what is the right approach to make cardi b talk back at them?’ is very simple and easy, just keep reading and do not skip any word as if you do, you may end up getting blocked or even watchlisted from attempting to call a celebrity like her.

Things to Bear in Mind Before Calling or Chatting With Cardi B

The first thing to consider before calling card b’s number is:


  • Make sure you aren’t a novice to talking to people of a higher class: 

Always have it in mind that Cardi B is a celebrity and may not respond to you the way you want, reason because she doesn’t know you from anywhere, come in contact with you or possibly get to notice you on her social handles, so you’ve got to stay calm and don’t take whatever her first impression is to heart (Trust, she will definitely act nice to you because she’s already known as no rude girl among others celebrity who would never pick your call)

  • Don’t be shaky with your voice while on a call with her: 

Do not be in a hurry to end the call, rather strike the conversation button and don’t talk too long. { 4 – 5 minutes should be enough to round up your games} Cardi is a busy person so you don’t need to waste her time as well.

  • Compose yourself well and don’t rush in:

 If possible take a deep breathing exercise before calling and talk like a nerd and don’t ask silly or boring questions e.g what is your best color? how old are you? where are you from? and those sh*ty questions etc. 

NOTE: You should take at least 30 minutes to research about her before calling { This is to enable you to flow well and she would be like kinda know a lot about me, hey did you just study me in school? }

Here’s The Right Time to Call Cardi B

It is well known that all famous celebrities are always busy while some may or may not pick your calls or attend to you at any cost. The below is the right time to call cardi b on her phone or chat with her on WhatsApp and get a cool response from her with no rejection or blacklisting your caller IP from reaching her.

  1. When she is relaxed and have no tour, concert, or engaged with any activity
  2. When she’s live on her IG and ask fans to connect with her
  3. In the mid-day { Cardi does not host or attend a rehearsal at the noon} so, this is the best time to send in those your messages or calls and would get answered by Cardi B

When not to call or text cardi b

  1. When she is on stage and performing 
  2. On a tour
  3. With her family, friends or hang out 
  4. Late night 
  5. When she’s writing a song/rehearsal
  6. When she’s in the studio

Quick Guide To Make Cardi B Answer Your Call, Text Messages and Even Save and Call To Check Up On You On A Regular Basis

Immediately she picks your call, text messages, or chat follow these below tips.

First is to give a polite greeting to her and immediately introduce yourself as a top fan while extending your regards to her lovely kids {Cardi loves her kid and wouldn’t joke with anything about them} 

While still on the call, carefully gather her impression and response rate to your conversation and tell her you always support by making purchases of her music on any of your {preferred} stream platform [ Pls do not say you buy from all streaming website hosting her song so it won’t look you are sugar quoting or a cooked up story while mimicking her rhymes and dropping her lyrics ] (This is to get her attention and make her believe you are truly a top fan )

Here Are Cardi B Contact Details – Cardi B Phone Number

Below are the cardi b phone number, WhatsApp number, email address, and house address solely at your own risk and hope you’ve gone through our content disclaimer above.

Cardi B phone number: (718) 215-0159

Cardi B WhatsApp number: (718) 215-0159

Cardi B Facebook Username or page: CARDI B FACEBOOK.

Cardi B Twitter Handle. CARDI B TWITTER.

Cardi B Instagram: CARDI B INSTAGRAM

Cardi B Website:

Cardi B home address: NA.

Cardi B Snapchat: N/A 


The above options that are not available (N/A) we will make available once the singer makes it public.

Now that you have gotten all cardi b contact details, everything lies in your hand i.e your purpose of seeking cardi b phone number, and if found this article helpful, do not hesitate to share with those interested in cardi b contact details and house address. 


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