Cheapest Business to Start

Have you been wondering about the cheapest business to start with little money? Or you need some low-cost business ideas with high profit.

Don’t worry, you have just landed on the right page of the web.

There are hundreds of businesses you can start today but only a few of them required little capital to start.

In regards to this, our team researched the cheapest business to start and the result is what will be discussed today.

So sit back, relax your nerves, and read through so that you can stop saying kinds of stuff like ”I want to start a business but have no money”

Cheapest Business to Start With High Profit

Just because we call them the cheapest businesses doesn’t mean that they are not profitable. Many billionaires on the planet today started little.

So, let’s get down to the best business to start with little money.

Cheapest Business to Start
Cheapest Business to Start
  1. Virtual assistant

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is one of the easiest options to work from home.

Virtual assistants are qualified professionals who provide administrative services to companies, from taking phone calls to managing email, data entry, or accounting, among many others.

You can both work as an employee and start your own company, bearing in mind that setting up a business with these characteristics is relatively easy and cheap.

In principle, it is enough to have a computer with an internet connection, a mobile phone, and a digital space where you can publicize and disseminate your services.

Cheapest Business to Start

  1. Personal trainer

A personal trainer is a person specialized in a certain sports discipline who makes his services available to the client who hires him to achieve a specific goal, which can be both losing weight and improving his physical condition.

Becoming an elite personal trainer is not within everyone’s reach, but those who achieve it have in their hands the possibility of exploiting a profitable business.

The fact that you need little or no capital to start makes it a really good option.

  1. Rent your underused spaces

This also is one of the cheapest business to start. If you have got any underused space, you should tap into this lucrative business.

There are online platforms that connect owners of interesting locations with companies and producers looking to rent them to develop their projects and or to hold corporate events.

Among them are; Craigslist, Airbnb, Forent, Trulia, Rent Jungle, among others. You can explore them to get started.

  1. Content/Copywriting

It is known that the best way to make Google rank a website in its search engine is by including quality content that adds value.

Said like that, it seems simple, but it is neither easy nor fast. Writing to sell requires certain skills, perseverance, and time.

The good news is that it is something that can be done from home and does not require specific training, so if you are looking for the cheapest business to start, this idea is the best fit for you, so long you have the knowledge or can ready to acquire.

Cheapest Business to Start
Cheapest Business to Start
  1. Acquire old houses, rehabilitate them and sell them again

It is known as Flipping Houses, a thriving business in the United States that is geared towards investors in the real estate sector.

It consists of locating old houses or buildings, acquiring them, rehabilitating them, and selling them again at a much higher price than the original.

Is not necessary to have the capital to start up and acquire the first properties because the first thing you have to do is locate investors who will advance the money.

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  1. Create a membership website

A membership site can be defined as a platform that sells restricted access to some service or content. This implies that users only have access if you give them access upon payment.

It is the usual way to monetize online training courses, but it is also the formula applied on Netflix or Spotify.

Outside of the digital environment, it is also applied by businesses such as gyms or coworking spaces.

Its advantage is that it generates recurring and anticipated income.

However, the main drawback is that first, you have to get a certain reputation in the matter.

Cheapest Business to Start

  1. Office Cleaning

Cleaning is something that you do for yourself even when you don’t expect money in return. As easy as it sounds, organizations and offices need the service of cleaners.

Therefore, if you feel it is a service that you can render, why not go for it? It may not glamorous but is a very lucrative business.

You can just apply for a part-time office cleaner.

  1. Buy on Aliexpress and sell on Amazon

This practice is very similar to dropshipping. A business model where the seller does not need much capital or has a warehouse before selling.

In general, it consists of acquiring products at low cost, preferably in the Asian market, and then selling them at a better price in other markets.

Most people doing this business choose Amazon as the preferred platform to make sales. You should consider venturing into this business.

Cheapest Business to Start
Cheapest Business to Start
  1. Lawn Service

We have seen people make big money from cutting small lawns and I believe that you can do that also.

All that is required of you is to buy a lawnmower and a grass catcher which are enough for you to start the business at the basic level.

Once you have enough clients, you can start introducing other related services.

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  1. Social Media Specialists

Social networks are becoming increasingly important for world brands and companies.

But since not everyone has the time or the necessary knowledge to manage them, most people delegate these functions to professionals.

However, to be a Social Media specialist, it is not enough to know the networks.

It also requires understanding them, knowing how to analyze the results, and designing strategies for the business to work.

Cheapest Business to Start
  1. Snail Farm

Snail farming continues to represent an interesting business opportunity and the cheapest business to start with a relatively low amount of money.

First, because setting up a snail farm does not require a large investment and, second, because the product continues to be in high demand both in the food sector due to its high nutritional value and in the cosmetics industry.

What is the cheapest business to start?

Here’s is the list of the cheapest business to start right now with high profits

  1. Virtual assistant
  2. Personal trainer
  3. Rent your underused spaces
  4. Content/Copywriting
  5. Acquire old houses, rehabilitate them and sell them again
  6. Create a membership website
  7. Office Cleaning
  8. Buy on Aliexpress and sell on Amazon
  9. Lawn Service
  10. Social Media Specialists
  11. Snail Farm


Now that you are aware of the cheapest business to start. You should ensure that you take action by making your first major move.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to share this with your colleagues who are willing to start a business with little cash.

Also, remember to leave a comment below to let us know what you think about these cheapest businesses to start.

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