Cute Emoji Texts To Boyfriend Copy And Paste

Emojis have become the most graphic icons used in messages, and they can be found on both android and IOS keyboards.

These cute tiny, looking smilies or digital icons help to express your idea or emotions while texting.

The primary purpose of an emoji is to liven up the conversation and fill in any emotional indications that have to do with your Text.

Examples of emojis are; 😍😂😎💋👑🙈🌍🍏🥂🍾🚘❤️ ☔️🔥🌷🥶👻🎓✈️ and many more. There is always an available emoji for any text. 

Different words and sentences you type on your mobile phone keyboard have an already installed emoji icon.

The emoji will pop up on the screen whenever words related to it are typed. This also means that any Text you wish to send, ranging from; Good morning messages to love texts, emotional texts, congratulating texts, eating context, and so on, all have their emoji icons.

However, it is very romantic to add emojis to the Text you’re sending to your boyfriend because it will best describe your mood and feelings to him at that particular time. 

Cute emoji texts to boyfriend copy and paste

This article will give you different texts you can write to your boyfriend and emoji suggestions that best fit into that Text. You can freely copy and paste any of these texts to him, depending on your conversation.

For better comprehension, this Text has been divided into five (5) categories: Romantic Text, Good morning text, Emotional Text, Goodnight text, and Celebration text. Cute emoji texts to boyfriend copy and paste

Check them out below;

1. Romance Text

  • Baby I miss you so much, and I want to hear from you soon 🥺❤️
  • There is no man above you in my heart; I love you my king 👑💍❤️
  • You’re my everything, and my love for you is irreplaceable. ❤️🌍👑
  • Baby I want you to know that I’m ready to love you forever. 🔐❤️


  • I have the hottest man for myself.🥵 You’re so cute and sexy.🍆💦
  • Sweetheart, I’m not just dating you temporarily; I also want to be your future wife and the mother of your unborn kids. 🤰🤱🙈😘💍
  • You are so cool😎and handsome, my baby boo. 💝
  • Baby, I love you 💕


2. Good morning Text

  • Good morning honey ❤️☀️
  • Hello baby😍how are you doing today?
  • Good morning sugar 💋
  • Good morning baby; drive safely to work🚘and have a nice day.☀️
  • Good morning sweetheart. Did you sleep well?🥰🌷
  • Baby guess what? Last night in my dreams, I saw us flying around the skies without wings😂 was so fun! Such dreams might never come true, but Good morning☀️. I love you ❤️


3. Emotional Text

  • I’m very bored and sad right now; please text me when you get this message.😔😩
  • I don’t understand how I’m feeling, babe. Can you call?🥺😓
  • I know one day, everything is going to be fine.🙂 Keep staying strong 💪
  • Honey, I don’t like when we fight. Please let’s make amends,😭 I’m getting tired,😓 and I miss us so much🥺❤️
  • I’m sorry honey😐please forgive me😞💔

Cute emoji texts to boyfriend copy and paste


4. Goodnight Text

  • Bed calls, honey; I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight 😴❤️
  • Let’s say goodnight and stay in each other’s dreams.💤 😘 
  • Goodnight baby; I love you. 💕
  • I want to cuddle with you all night 🤗and lay in your loving arms till the morning breaks💫


5. Celebration Text 

  • Happy birthday darling! 🎉🎁🎂🎈
  • Congratulations 🍾 my love 😍
  • Cheers to our success dear 🥂
  • I’m super excited and so happy for you dear🤩💃
  • Happy new year darling 🎊 🥳
  • Merry Christmas sweetheart 🎄



The most regular emojis used in romantic texts are; 😍🥰😘🥺😻💋💑🙈👅💍👑🌎🍆🍑💦💞💝❣️💕💘💖💗🔐

These are a few cute emoji texts you can copy and paste to your boyfriend, depending on what the conversation is all about. You have to be very conversant in using the right emoji to be good at texting. These emojis have made your chat fun, expressive and natural. Cute emoji texts to boyfriend copy and paste

I hope you enjoyed this content; thanks for reading



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