Does fenugreek increase breast size?

Does fenugreek increase breast size

The methi seeds, also known as fenugreek, are a herb that has so many health benefits. It can control diabetes, heart diseases, and some skin conditions. It also helps lactating mothers produce more breast milk for breastfeeding.
Fenugreek has more advantages for women because It helps in increasing a vital steroid hormone in their body called Estrogen.

Fenugreek helps to improve estrogen production in women, especially after menopause.
The improvement of the estrogen hormone will naturally increase the features of a woman’s body, which includes her breast, hips, and other body metabolic productions.

Therefore, it is logically right to say that fenugreek helps increase your breast size. Quit the use of artificial products that can have diverse side effects and try a safe and trusted natural herb like fenugreek.
Ensure you work with a doctor or an herbal consultant for proper prescription and safe usage of this herb.

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