Farming jobs in Canada for foreigners (Apply Now)

Agriculture has become an important part of life and basic means of existence for both humans, plants, and animals because they cannot survive without nature, the elements in it, and all other provisions it has to offer.

Farming is of course an essential part of agriculture that is very common in all the nations of the world. Natural resources, food, and livestock management cannot be done without farming. Import and export of farm produce which has become the world’s largest lucrative business cannot be done without farming and that is the reason so many countries including Canada are vastly engaging in farming. And also developing their farming standards in order to make more income and increase their economy.

In Canada, farmworkers are referred to as a “Green career.” This means activities that involve the protection, preservation, and promotion of environmental resources.

Although some of their citizens and immigrants are mostly into off-farming businesses which have made the country in need of professional and skilled foreign workers that can help fill up and develop that sector.

In order to increase the quantity of farm produce in the country, more workers will be needed for accurate division of labor and fast production.

However, because of the high demands of farm produce in Canada, considering that the country is highly populated and would be needing more crops (food) and other farms produce even in larger quantities to meet up their standards of living, there is no doubt that Canada needs farm workers and you can be lucky to obtain farming employment in this country.

This article will show you the easy way to get farming jobs in Canada. To get this job you need to first apply for them and follow the necessary processes demanded the job.

Therefore, this article will be listing five (5) reputable websites and services that you can easily access to find farming jobs in Canada for foreigners. They include;


Top 5 Best Farming jobs in Canada for foreigners

  1. GreenTech Resources 

This is one of the leading farmworker recruitment agencies in Canada. It is located in Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Abbotsford, Mississauga Toronto, and Edmonton. Respectively.

They provide services like helping foreigners acquire Canadian farmworker visas, helping job seekers get farming work in Canada, and also helping introduce skilled workers to farm owners in Canada.

They are experts in referring professionals worldwide including South Africa, Latvia, Estonia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Phillippines, India, Poland, Mauritius, Croatia, Australia, Czech Republic, and other countries to Canadian farm owners for immediate employment.


  1. Job Bank 

This is a Canadian-based employment service that helps job seekers all over the world get employment through recruitment. Registering with them easily helps you find work in Canada and even farm jobs. The site also helps people plan their careers and other financial improvement plans.

Their site is open for both Canadians and foreigners, visit their page to get started.


  1. Joobles Website 

This is a reputable job searching website that has been operating for 14 years now. It was initially founded by two students in 2006 and has grown into the most global and popular employment market.

Research has discovered that millions of people in 71 countries make use of the site for job searching on a daily basis.

It is located at Griva Digeni Str., Panayides. And has its office building at office 203, Limassol, Cyprus 3035, CY.

  1. Indeed Sites 

Indeed, is a job searching website with over 250 million users monthly. They have employed over 10,000 workers globally in different reputable organizations.

Registering with this site gives you free access to company owners and employers all over the world. Through their site, you can search for work and submit resumes to companies available.


  1. Washington Post Jobs (WP)

The Washington Post Job shortly abbreviated to WP is a site that connects employers with job seekers globally. The site was officially founded in 1999 and for 23years of existence, the board has been known for linking applicants with relevant job opportunities.

Their site has been designed to be user-friendly and accessible. If you’re interested in using their site, you can contact them through their page.


In summary, do not be scared or worried about getting a farming job in Canada. This article has made you understand that Canadian farm owners are ready to hire skilled and professional foreign workers. The criteria and other processes needed to get these farming jobs can be met by following the above-listed recruitment agency and websites. One of these websites will make your job searching easy.

I hope you found this content helpful, thanks for reading!


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