Fully Funded International Scholarships for African Students

Many platforms allow African students to gain scholarships abroad. All you have to do is register with these platforms and prepare brilliantly for their scholarship examinations.

Available legal bodies that organize these scholarship programs are;

  • The State Government
  • Commonwealth
  • University

However, most African students who desire to study abroad are stuck with many difficult challenges, ranging from country policies to looking for visas, incomplete requirements, and lack of finance. Unfortunately, some of the students under this category are ignorant of the current opportunities that can help them gain scholarships to study abroad with all-expense paid. And That is why most Intelligent students are still struggling in Africa.

But don’t worry; this article will serve as an eye-opener for you, the reader.

This article will introduce you to current foundations that can help you gain scholarships easily into any university abroad. Sometimes after finding the schools that offer these scholarship programs, your transportation, accommodation, and other personal expenses while schooling become the issue. You have to read this article to be introduced to foundations that help cover up all your costs when you’re awarded a scholarship.

Below are fully funded organizations that offer international scholarships to African students;


Fully Funded International Scholarships for African Students


  1.  Africa London Nagasaki (ALN) Fund 

This organization helps African university graduates that want to further their education get scholarships into international universities. They offer fully-funded scholarship programs for master’s degrees courses. Selected qualified students are awarded scholarships to study at Nagasaki University in Japan or the London hygiene and tropical medicine school.

  1. Commonwealth Scholarships

The commonwealth also offers scholarships for African students whose country is under the commonwealth nations in the world. They provide part-time master’s degree programs through distance learning to universities in the United Kingdom (UK) and worldwide.

  1. Aga Khan Foundation 

This scholarship foundation program helps African students study for master’s degrees and Ph.D. level programs in any university worldwide.

  1. Rotary Peace Fellowships

This is a fully-funded educational institution that helps African students gain scholarships into any university worldwide. They cover the student’s tuition fees, accommodation, transportation, and course fees for master’s degrees students.

  1. Well Mountain Foundations

This organization offers to fund African students from developing countries in international universities worldwide. Qualified candidates must enroll in a study program that will benefit their community or home country’s growth after graduation.

  1. Women Techmakers Scholars Program 

This program is organized for women from Africa to study technology-related courses in any university in the European countries. All level programs can explore classes like computer science, computer engineering, etc. The Middle East and European female students can also benefit from this foundation.

  1. African Graduate scholarship 

This is a post-graduate scholarship program for African students with high academic merits. With their program, you can study in the United Kingdom (UK) at University College London (UCL) for master’s degrees and Ph.D. levels under the Institute for Global Health.

  1. African Excellence Fee Waiver

The University of Glasgow sponsors this program. African students can automatically gain an all-expense paid scholarship program for master’s degree courses in the university with strong academic merits.

  1. Orange Knowledge Program

This organization offers fully funded scholarship programs for individuals and organizations in an advanced field study of vocational education. Interested candidates should apply through their page, and the organization is reliable and authentic.


The above foundations listed are government-approved for offering fully funded scholarship programs. African students who wish to further their education internationally can take good advantage of this article. Visit their respective pages and start enrolling. Most of them will require you to write examinations or scholarship tests to prove your qualifications, study hard and prepare for them.

I hope you found this content helpful; thanks for reading!


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