Fully Funded Scholarships In The United States For International Students

This article has been written for students or individuals from a foreign nationality who has plans of furthering their education in the United States.

Studying in one of the universities in the United States could be among your long-term goals but yet to be achieved due to a main common factor which is FINANCE.

However, the good news is that you can still be opportune to study in the United States and achieve your dreams with fewer funds or no funds at all with the help of the United States government approved scholarship programs that have been designed for international or foreign students from all over the world. These scholarship programs are organized and fully funded by the United State government.

Below is the list of fully-funded scholarships in the U.S for international students:

Fully Funded Scholarships In The United States For International Students


The fully-funded rotary peace fellowship was set up by the rotary club. Each year the club awards scholarships to about 130 international students from around the world.

The purpose of this scholarship award is to pursue a professional development certificate or master’s degree program that is related to peace and conflict resolution.

The scholarship board partners with institutions like the University of Bradford, Uppsala University, the University of Queensland, and a whole lot of others. Eligibility requirement includes proficient use of English, demonstrating leadership qualities, and also having a bachelor’s degree.

This scholarship covers tuition fees, housing expenses, flight, and other transportation allowance and also paid internships; the scholarship value however is not estimated at this time.



The Fulbright foreign student program is a scholarship that is awarded to graduated students and young professionals from any part of the world in other to help them study and conduct research in American universities or other institutions in the United States.

The scholarship allows all fields and is awarded to about 4,000 international students annually. The Fulbright foreign student program value is not estimated as students who get this scholarship tends to enjoy basic incentives like paid tuition, living allowance, health insurance, and paid airfare for the students.



The Humphrey Fellowship program is not just an ordinary scholarship as the scholarship is for experienced individuals who are interested in strengthening their leadership skills, the scholarship is also open to international students from around the world.

The Humphrey Fellowship program is awarded to about 200 students from around the globe as the value of the scholarship cannot be estimated, but students who are a recipient of this scholarship enjoys various English training in cases where the applicant isn’t proficient in the use of English language, paid tuition fees, accommodation allowance,  maintenance allowance, book allowance, paid airfare for the students to come and also go back after study and a whole lot more are enjoyed by students who are a recipient of this scholarship.



The Clark global scholarship program is a scholarship that is committed to providing a challenging education that is globally focused. The scholarship is open to international students from around the world. Eligibility for these scholarships requires applicants to be first-year applicants as transfer students and must not have attended a school abroad in the last 4 years. Recipients of this award tend to get up to $15,000 to $25,000 each year which should cover their needs like tuition fees for the year as it is given yearly till the student finishes their schooling. Some students also tend to receive up to $5,000 or more assistances where the student has displayed a lack of financial ability.



  1. Come along with your own cash as not all programs give you living allowances or can assist the rest of your domestic needs.
  2. Make sure you have an international passport and possibly a visa as not all the scholarship programs help with your visa or buy you flight tickets.
  3. Make sure you have all the required documents required of you when applying.
  4. Do well to provide the correct information when applying.


In summary, I hope this article has been able to give you all the knowledge you need when applying for scholarship programs. And have been able to answer your inquiries regarding the topic “Fully funded scholarships in the United States for international students.” This article can act as a guide for you while applying for the above-listed scholarship programs.

Thanks for reading!


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