Happy birthday stepson 

Do you have a stepson whom you love so dearly and looking for special ways to celebrate his birthday with him?

Are you having a tough time getting ideas on how to make your stepson feel the love you have for him? Whatever be the case, worry no more cos this article has been written to give you ideas on how best you can celebrate your stepson’s birthday.

Firstly, I’ll love to share Mrs. Grace Hamilton’s story with you. She is a wonderful mother and has recently shared this story with me via my email. You could get inspired by her experiences with her stepson Jackson.

“I have a stepson named Jackson, I got to be his friend and new mother after his biological mother Christy sadly died of leukemia (blood cancer) in 2008.

Jackson was only seven years old when I met his father, Mr Bryson Hamilton. After some years, we fell in love with each other and got married in 2012.

Growing up, Jackson was very sweet and handsome but extremely stubborn. He never liked me or tried associating with me, he was always sad and loved his privacy a lot. One could call him a loner, but I knew he was only traumatized by the death of his mother.

After some years, with so much love and patience, I learned how best to win his heart and get him very close to me. I fell in love with the young lad and was willing to give him all the motherly love he lost after the death of his mom. 

Gradually I was successful in making Jackson my own son. I also have three children, two girls and a boy whom I love so dearly but Jackson would always be my first love, for a reason I’m yet to understand.

Today, February 12th is his birthday and I want to do something special for him. He is actually in college right now, studying at Brigham Young University (BYU) Idaho. 

Before now, I was having a tough time getting ideas on what I could do for him today. After much meditation and prayers, I got the best idea ever.

I pulled a call across him wishing him a happy birthday and later on told him I bought him tickets to fly down to New York, informing him we have a special birthday surprise for him. He was excited and agreed to come over. 

After having a small family good time, I told Jackson I’ll love to take him to the cemetery to visit his late mother’s grave. I also told him I’ve got lots of flower bouquets in the trunk. Looking deeply in his eyes I knew he was very happy but didn’t know how best to express it.

We got to the cemetery where late Mrs Christy Hamilton was laid to rest. Jackson offered some prayers, while we dropped the flowers. It was then that Bryson confessed that he had always denied Jackson the opportunity of coming to the cemetery because he didn’t want him to get emotional or hurt. This means for the past 14 years, Jackson has never visited his late mother’s grave and has been traumatized by that. I was touched!

I realized that I gave him the best birthday gift ever when he hugged me tightly in tears and said “Thank you mama.” 

Since that day, I began to see a whole different Jackson, he is now a happy-looking young man and that’s my joy.”

How did you feel after reading this story? Did you get tips or lessons from it? Your story might be the same as Mrs Grace’s or entirely different from hers. But the bottom line is that you have a stepson whose birthday is approaching and you’re looking for special ways to celebrate with him or happy birthday stepson paragraph? Read on:

Below are 5 Happy birthday stepson suggestions for you;

5 Happy birthday stepson Suggestions for you


  1. Be the first to call and wish him. 

12 am in the morning might be the best time. It will make him understand you had him in your thoughts all night and wanted to be the first to wish him. I’m sure he will feel so happy and special about that.


  1. Take him out to his favorite places. 

It could be the stadium to watch a live match, or a conservation center to see his favorite wildlife. Just think about his favorite things and take him to places where he could see them live.


  1. Buy him a present

Make sure it’s something he has been craving to have or one of his favorite items.

  1. Give him a memorable birthday 

This goes a long way. Your stepson might be suffering from emotional damage, probably he’s missing his late mother or late father, just like Mrs Grace’s story, you could take him to the cemetery to visit his dead. Or he could be missing his girlfriend that he hasn’t seen for a long time, you can invite her over to celebrate with him. You can throw a surprise party, give him a new car, basically do anything for him to always remember.


  1. Write him a paragraph

This can be done through letters or texting.

Below are some paragraphs you can use for him;

Happy birthday stepson

Happy Birthday Stepson Quotes for Him

  • Happy birthday my boy, it’s really sad that I don’t have to call you my boy anymore cos you’re vastly growing into a man! All the same, you’re still my baby boy. I can’t wait to see you and give you everything special I kept in store for you today. Hurray!!


  • Look who is getting older and wiser!! Happy birthday sweet son. You’re all I’ve got and I’m glad God has kept you growing and waxing strong.


  • There is only one special day for a special person and that is today! Happy birthday honey, come home for a delicious treat…. haha, I love you!


  • This day reminds me of the first time I saw you and fell in love with you completely. How time flies! You’re handsomely growing into a man, I’m so proud of you my son. Happy birthday baby.


  • Happy birthday my lovely son. I love you so much and am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your life. You’re the most important thing in my heart right now and I want to do is give you a very special birthday celebration. I wish you long life and prosperity, and sound health with so much wisdom. I love you!


  1. Send him money 

This is very important especially if your stepson is in college or somewhere far from home.

Sending him money could be very exciting for him cos he might have some birthday plans that he’s unable to execute because of financial issues. He might also want to host his friends or do other expenses on his birthday.

Having enough money in his account is enough happiness for a birthday boy!


However, If your stepson is a little bit younger (5yrs -10yrs old for example) then there are other special ways you can treat him. 

Below are special ways children love to be treated;

  • Read him a story
  • Take him out for lunch
  • Go see a movie of his favorite character
  • Buy him lots of toys or other presents he might demand.
  • Get him a big sweet cake
  • Surprise him (Kids love surprises)
  • Invite his school friends and neighbors’ home for a small party.

Yeah, this will make him smile all day and have a birthday he will always live to remember.


In conclusion, I hope you found this article helpful. And I really want to commend you for loving your stepson so much to looking for ways of making him feel special on his birthday. You are kind, sweet and a rare parent. God bless you!

However, I’m sure this article will benefit your intentions so much. Thanks for reading! and share “Happy birthday stepson” if found helpful.



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