How to Block My Phone From Being Tracked: An Ultimate Secret That Secured My Privacy

How to Block my Phone from Being Tracked

Privacy is a crucial security concern, with technology improvement, people get numerous tasks like sending emails, transferring money, and surfing the internet. But are you aware we’re followed by sites honed by hackers through our phones?

Please do not panic yet; because today, I’ll show you how to block my phone from being tracked. In this informative article, we’ve gathered a number of these techniques to block your phone from getting monitored.

How to Block My Phone From Being Tracked 

The below are what I used to block my phone from being tracked.

  1. Deleting Location History

How to Block my Phone from Being Tracked

Deleting my location history is one of the best ways I used to block my phone from being tracked. Do you know that Google keeps a record of your local areas to gather better experiences while using the maps apps? But, people are somewhat more concerned with their privacy and also do not appreciate this feature. Thus, if you are certainly one of them, you’re able to prevent Google from tracking your smartphone. Follow the below steps to reduce the phone from getting monitored.

  • Open the Google Maps app using your Google account.
  • Tap the Maps menu in the upper left of your screen (three horizontal lines placed vertically above one another)
  • Tap Offline maps.
  • Tap the three vertical dots next to the offline map you want to delete.
  • Tap Delete.

Steps to Delete Google Map History On iPhone/ Other IOS Users

  • Open your Google map app
  • Click on the Menu button and navigate to the Settings
  • Select Map History

How to Block my Phone from Being Tracked

  • To see your entire Maps history, type Maps in the search field and tap Done. Tap Filter by date and enter a date range (or leave as All-Time). Choose Apply.
  • Tap the vertical menu (three dots vertically placed on the upper right of the search results).
  • Tap Delete Results to get rid of all of your histories. Tape Delete again to confirm.
How to Block my Phone from Being Tracked
  • To delete individual items from your search history, scroll to the item and tap the vertical menu (three dots vertically placed on the upper right of each item). This is the same as on Android.
  • Tap Delete next to each entry you want to be removed. Continue doing this for each item you want to be removed if you also want to keep some items.

Note: According to Google, the Location History feature is given to your life hassle-free since you can enjoy some traffic, restaurants, cafes, etc… as to your preference.

How to Block my Phone from Being Tracked

  1. Geolocating

Using different mobile devices indicates to pinpoint your geographical location. And this helps to fill your data into several of those apps you use each day.

For instance, your map navigation system depends on satellite signs that track your mobile’s GPS. And your current weather app determines environment patterns according to your existing site.

Geolocating can pose privacy problems as it keeps constant monitoring of one’s local area and records a portion of one’s activity. Plus, it might drain your battery if left for prolonged amounts of time. Hide the attribute to protect against both.

How to Block my Phone from Being Tracked
  1. GPS Positioning

GPS Positioning depends on satellites suggesting that the GPS recipients in your mobile find out where you are. And as stated by the Federal Aviation Administration, high-quality GPS systems may pinpoint your phone with an accuracy of as few as 3 meters.

However, that is always ineffective in metropolitan and urban regions, where signs are obstructed with high properties and intruding factors. GPS signs are also influenced by weather, so setting services features could have a more difficult time finding you on a stormy evening than on a crystal clear and luminous one.

  1. Airplane Mode will Block my Phone From Being Tracked

If you are looking for how to block my Phone from Being Tracked, this is another tip for you to try out. It is a powerful and simple means to prevent your mobile from being monitored using airplane mode. It’s an integrated quality included in every smartphone’s functionalities.

It can disable both the network and service, which may help track your position involving GPS, cellular network, along wi-fi.

In case you wish to use the airplane mode to prevent the cellular phone from being monitored, kindly follow the directions below:

  • First, you want to get into the Control Centre to get Airplane Mode, so you Want to Swipe upward from the bottom of the display.
  • Click the Airplane-mode to empower it.
  • Move to Settings.
  • Move to Connections.
  • Switch Airplane Mode or Flight style (based on the edition of your smartphone).
Turn Off Airplane Mode On Smartphones

Nowadays, Worry-free traveling isn’t feasible without GPS navigation and tracker apps. Thus select the most effective GPS to use…

  1. Cell Tower Locating

Cell Tower triangulation measures the distance between your cellular phone and the nearest cell tower and uses these records to figure your approximate geophysical site. Cellular tower triangulation is the most reliable when more towers successfully found your mobile. Location pinpointing becomes less accurate once you are out of a thickly populated place, where towers are somewhat less plentiful — as, an instance, on a farm.

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  1. Wi-fi Triangulation

Wi-fi triangulation determines your geo-location. This technology measures the distance between neighboring wi-fi hot areas. It can be an incredibly efficient approach to ascertain positioning within buildings or major towns, where GPS signals are scanty.

Even a 2008 Ars Technica article says that Wi-Fi-based discovery supplies accurate outcomes of most methods.

  1. Block Your Phone from Being Tracked Through Disabling Location Services?

The most natural solution to reduce the phone from getting monitored is using the phone’s Disable Location Services feature. Follow the below steps to master to prevent your phone from getting tracked.

Unlock your phone and mind to Settings.

  • Choose Privacy.
  • Click on Location Services.
  • Switch off the Location Services.

How to Block my Phone from Being Tracked

Your phone’s location providers offer different benefits through the Location Service — cellular, wi-fi, GPS, and, even when empowered, a discoverable Bluetooth signal — to ascertain that your geo-location.

Disabling the feature protects others from yanking information from where you are. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that it simplifies device monitoring — just like the Locate My phone feature. Enabling Location makes it possible to locate your phone if it gets stolen or lost.

What’s more? Location services may nevertheless be triggered during emergency calls that will help first aid in determining your circumstance.

Note: Your phone’s location providers use this locational function to prevent you from getting lost. Disabling it isn’t my favorite, though.

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Conclusion: How to Block My Phone From Being Tracked

I’ve just shown you how to block my phone from being tracked. But know that after disabling these tracking functions, you’ll automatically disable the professional services on your smartphone.

In essence, the Locate My Phone app is also disabled to discover location products and services and won’t aid you with tracking your mobile phone if it’s lost or stolen. Overall, the above are efficient ways to disable your phone from being tracked by anybody. They don’t deserve your privacy. Kindly share this post if found helpful while you use the below comment box to drop more tips that you think isn’t included in this article.



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