How To Cancel G2a Plus – Delete G2a Account

How to cancel g2a plus: Many people are unaware of the many benefits of a G2A Plus membership. But, there is another side to this coin that very few people know about. The truth is that you can cancel your G2A Plus membership at any time and for any reason whatsoever, and without additional charges or penalties – all it takes is just a mail /phone call to the customer service provider!

G2A is a company that offers digital products for gamers. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, their services can help you with your needs! This article covers the basics ways to cancel G2A Plus subscription as well as the benefits of possessing an account with the platform.

How To Cancel G2A Plus -Delete G2a Account Permanently

Log in to your account on G2A.COM and go to the “G2A Plus” tab found within My Account. Click Deactivate Membership subscription, then click cancel membership from a pop-up box that appears!

how to cancel g2a plus

G2A Plus offers a great service that will make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Even if you cancel, there’s no feeling like knowing the benefits of G2A Plus are still available to enjoy until the end of what has already been paid for!


Cancel G2a plus by Sending Emails

The process allows you to cancer g2a plus account by sending emails to customer support with the explanation of your issue. Here’s how

  1. Open your email (Gmail, Yahoo, webmail, etc)
  2. Compose a well-written note regarding your account cancellation
  3. Attach your registered username and email
  4. On the subject type “REQUEST TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT”
  5. Send to [email protected]
  6. Wait for an hour or less for your account deletion mail to be acknowledged by the support and all your requests will be taken care of.

The simple way of contacting g2a support is by clicking on the support tab on your dashboard. 

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Benefits Of A G2a Plus Membership

The G-market place offers a lot of benefits as an online game store such as discounts, fast delivery options, warranty/guarantee (depending on the seller), instant digital downloads etcetera. The only downside is the price which can get quite high if you’re not looking closely enough. And one more thing: when it comes down to ‘can I cancel my G-plus membership?’ well that’s a little trickier.

As the owner of a G-plus membership, I’m able to purchase exclusive deals and enjoy free shipping on all my orders. It’s not too hard to cancel your membership though! All you need to do is just call or mail the customer service – they will be able to offer much better advice on how best to cancel than I can provide here in this article. 

It may take about a day or two for them to process your cancellation request so don’t worry if it doesn’t work straight away. And as always when dealing with anything online: make sure you’re logging into the right account before starting any transactions such as canceling your subscription! If by some chance that fails then please feel free to contact me directly via the comment section.

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