How To Delete Apartment List Account – Cancel Apartment List Account 

How To Delete Apartment List Account

Tired of using your apartment list account and want to close it but don’t know how to worry no more because you are in the right place to know how to delete apartment list account.

Apartment List as the name implies is practically an online apartment/property listing website aimed at connecting with real property owners to renters who may be interested in the property or apartment listed on the platform.

The apartment list Made it so easy for renters to at the comfort of their home browse through the website for current property listing and if found interested in any of the listing may contact the owner for a legal leasing agreement.

The platform is Made so easy to an extent that both none and expert internet users can browse through their platform. Apartment listing provides positive encrypted SSL (for safekeeping of its user’s data)

With much being said, I strongly believe you’ve known what the apartment list is all about? And Is time to dive into today’s topic being how to delete apartment list account.

Many users tend to delete their apartment list account due to so many reasons ranging from excessive spam emails to individuals not meeting up to their expectations on the website but if you are closing your account due to excessive spam mails I’d recommend you unsubscribe from their newsletter and be free from too many irrelevant emails and rock on with your account. 

But if you still want to proceed with the account deletion here are simple A-Z guides to help you achieve that.

How To Delete Apartment List Account – Cancel Apartment List Account


  1. On your browser go to the following link
  2. You will see a form like option to delete your account 
  3. Click on “DELETE MY ACCOUNT”
  4. Type your email address and name to confirm you are not deleting your account by mistake 
  5. Click on Submit and your account is successfully deleted following up with a notification mail on the success of your account closure 

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This is just the simple way to delete, deactivate or cancel your apartment list Account and if find this article helpful? Please do not hesitate to use the social share button to reach out to those interested in knowing how to delete apartment list account.

Your comments regarding apartment list and its closure are well appreciated. Thanks, and please do have a wonderful and lovely day Cheers 🥳

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