How To Delete Canva Account

Want to delete your canva account but don’t know how To Delete your account worry no more because am going to show you a step to step guide on how to delete canva account. All I want you to do is to carefully follow up on this post as you‘d be able to delete your account after reading this post.

Canva is an online graphic design media platform that gives access to its registered user to leverage millions of already made graphic templates to recreate a new one or create from scratch.

Canva is in no doubt one of the best design platform ever which everyone looking to learn and create some eye stunning design may sign up to.

It gives access to print, save the design in different image format I.e PNG, JPG and so many more.

Lots to gain from this amazing platform such as uploading personal media, taking free images from their thousands of copyright-free stock images made available for both free and premium users but if you’d want to go deep into Canva possibly if you are an agency it is recommended to go for the premium plan so as to enjoy all it features and unlock some stunning graphical images to use for your organization, affiliate product or website.

Now let’s see some of the reasons canva users tend to delete their account.

  • Could be due to Excessive spam mails from the platform 
  • An individual found a better alternative cheaper than their plans
  • Not satisfied with the free features and don’t have money to go premium 

Among all, some reasons for deleting their Canva account remains unknown to us and if your case is due to excessive spam mails I’d suggest you mark all incoming emails as spam so all emails go to the spam folder or better still unsubscribe to their newsletter by clicking on the bottom link attached to all notification mail received.

Still, want to go ahead with your account deletion? Let’s go

The truth is that it’s users hardly delete their account but if you are no longer with the platform there’s no reason letting them keep track and monetizing your information so you’ve got to close your account by following these simple steps


How To Delete Canva Account – Cancel Canva Account

To close your Canva account kindly do the below instructions and say goodbye as you see your account go 

  1. Login to your account 
  2. Go to Account Settings 
  3. Click on deactivate account and boom your account is successfully deleted 

Metho 2

Deactivating Your Canva Account By Sending Email

  1. Go to your web or mobile mail
  2. Compose a mail to this address [email protected]
  3. On the provided subject space fill up
  5. Write a short note in one or two paragraphs with the reason for deleting your account and attached your account username and email 
  6. Tap SEND once done and your account deletion will be complete following by a mail stating that your account has been successfully deleted.

How To Stop Paying for Canva – Cancel Canva Subscription 

To perform this task kindly follow the below steps 

  1. Go to your account settings 
  2. Click on the Billing and Teams option 
  3. Hit cancel subscription or plan under team billing information 
  4. Scroll down to deactivate account still on the same page (applicable if you want to close your account)
  5. Click deactivate account and your account is deleted successfully 

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The comment section is available to shoot in your questions regarding Canva and account deactivation, Thanks for reading and do have a lovely day Cheers 🥳

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