How to delete fetlife account

Do you find it hard to delete your fetlife account? Learn how to delete fetlife account in less than 3 minutes in this article.

Before we get started, let’s quickly run a check on what fetlife is all about and the reason why users are deciding to terminate their account.

FetLife, according to their official website, “is the Social Network for the BDSM, fetish and kinky community. Like Facebook but run by kinksters like you and me.”

That is to say, Fetlife is a website for those interested in BDSM, kink, and fetishism. Fetish differentiates itself from thousands of competitors as a social networking platform rather than the usual dating site.

Finally, Fetlife is an adult social networking website established in 2008 with headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada founded by John Kopanas.

There are so many reasons resulting in its users wanting to delete their fetlife account as seen after thorough research from our research experts 

  • Users not getting matched for the perfect date 
  • The platform is old and outdated as claimed by so many and wants to try out newly founded dating sites 
  • Constant email from the website and so many more.

Now let’s quickly go into details about how to delete fetlife account permanently in less than three (3) minutes 

How to Delete Fetlife Account in less than three minutes 

Carefully follow the below (3) steps to delete fetlife account.

  1. Login to your profile at “
  2. On the right corner of your screen, click on the menu button 
  3. Click on the update settings option/button 
  4. Next click on the “deactivate account” link
  5. Kindly select their best option for why you are deleting your account from the list down options and confirm your account password 
  6. Your account will be successfully deleted as soon as you are done 

Step two.

Delete your fetlife account by using the deactivate account link 

  1. Kindly follow this link to delete your account “
  2. Login your account
  3. Select reason for deleting your account from the drop-down
  4. Enter your password to confirm you are not deleting your account by mistake
  5. Tap on Delete Account and your account will be deleted successfully 

Step Three.

Delete your account by sending an Email to Fetlife support

  1. On your webmail, Gmail or yahoo mail, etc
  2. Compose a nicely written email and include your reason for deleting your account ]
  3. Attach your username and the email used in registering your account if any
  4. Now send to “ [email protected]

Follow the above instructions and have your Fetlife account deleted successfully and if found this article helpful, do not hesitate to share with those who may be interested in knowing how to delete fetlife account.

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