How To Delete Grubhub Account  | Cancel Grubhub Account

How To Delete Grubhub Account 

This article is here to guide you on how to delete Grubhub account, so if you find it difficult deleting your account with Grubhub this masterpiece is for you to read.

Please bear in mind that account deactivation isn’t available on the mobile app but can cancel your membership with Grubhub.

The exact process involves requires you using a link to delete your account and this can only be done with the web version and not compatible with mobiles unless you switch to desktop mode/view on any external browser outside your Grubhub app.

Grubhub is basically a fast-food ordering and delivery website aimed at meeting their customer’s needs by providing with them specially made delicious delicacies per user requests.

Grubhub is a recommended website for those who love eating outside of their home or one with a busy schedule.

The website user interface is made easy for everyone to navigate through weather an expert and non-experienced web users.

Registered users are provided with different options to edit their account information, search a variety of food on the menus and as well provides an additional option to deactivate or delete your account.

The user tends to delete their Grubhub account due to excessive spam mails while some decisions are best known by them but if your reason for deleting your Grubhub account is as a result of getting too many spam messages I’d recommend you filter or Mark their mails as spam or better stull unsubscribe from their daily newsletter which can be done by clicking on the attached click like link situated on the footer section of every incoming mail from Grubhub.

If after doing the above suggestions and still want to delete your Grubhub account then proceed by reading these smart ways to delete Grubhub account with no hassles.

There are several processes involved in the deactivation of Grubhub account but this article is meant for the trusted working methods. Let’s get straight to the point 


How To Cancel Your Grubhub Membership 

Learn how to cancel your membership by following this simple method below 

  1. On your web browser go to  You can use any web browser of your choice ( please note you can cancel your Grubhub+ membership right from your mobile app )
  2. Once fully loaded, click on your name located at the top right corner of your account and wait for a prompt drop-down menu ( For those using the mobile app, click on Account located at the right side of the bottom)
  3. Click on the Grubhub+ sign usually situated in the center drop-down having on it the GH+ icon 
  4. Once done, you will see a link option to cancel membership usually next to the update payment link option 
  5. Click on the cancel membership and follow the on screened instructions asking if you are sure you want to delete your account and click YES ( please note that this method will only cancel your Grubhub membership but your account still remain intact 


How To Delete Grubhub Account  | Cancel Grubhub Account

Follow this simple guide to permanently delete, deactivate or close your account and personal data.( please note that this method isn’t available for mobile apps)

  1. On your browser go to
  2. Tap on the Submit request situated at the bottom part of the page
  3. You will see a screened warning telling you your account deletion is non-reversible and click on the DELETE if you still want to proceed 
  4. You will receive an account deletion confirmation mail stating that your account has been successfully deleted 


Delete Your Account By Sending Mail to Support Team

To cancel Grubhub account by sending emails, simply follow this easy guide 

  1. Follow this link to contact Grubhub Support directly from their website or Go to your email account to compose a well-written mail 
  2. On the mail subject use “ REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT “
  3. Write a mail to the support official asking them to delete your account with at least reasons to your request to cancel your account and your attached registered email address and Username.
  4. Your request will be reviewed shortly within 24hrs or less and your account deletion will be initiated immediately 


Delete Your Account By Going to their Twitter Account

This is one of the best ways to cancel your Grubhub account since the world is going digitally so you can easily tweet Grubhub support within a twinkle of an eye. Here are the steps 

  1. Log in to your Twitter account using this URL or search for Grubbuh on Twitter (best recommended to use the link above as you may encounter so many users with Grubhub and also to stay safe so you don’t end up giving out your virtual information to the wrong hand)
  2. Twitter to Grubhut asking them to delete your account while leaving with them your registered email, username, and reasons for your account cancellation 
  3. Boom once your tweet is received your account will be terminated immediately.

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Bottom Line 

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