How to delete account – cancellation

Learn how to delete account permanently in this article. Getting rid of an account you no longer use helps to safeguard your online presence and free from data compromises among anonymous hackers. is basically a reputable online booking platform for all hotels around the world while giving out full access to its registered users to easily navigate through with hotels related prices, amenities, pricing and of course security measures taken by the management. Booking with is an idea for those interested in hotel booking services with rewards as users tend to get a reward night upon booking with the platform.

This great platform has 85 websites operating in 34 languages with approximately 325,000 lists in 19,000 locations. Their services have been in existence since its launch date in 1991 with headquarters in the United States Dallas, Texas to be precise.

Having said much about this booking platform let’s now focus on our main topic being “how to delete account” and I believe while you’ve read to this point, you are interested in deleting your hotels’ account. 

How to Delete Account – Close Account 

To delete your account kindly follow the below steps to have your account deactivated permanently.

Below are the required information to delete your account and once upon provision can proceed with the account deletion steps below

  • Your Registered Email 
  • Your Password 
  1. Login to your account 
  2. Go to the “Delete Your Account” page or click on this link to delete your account while following the simple screened instructions 


Delete Your Account by Simply Sending Mail 

  1. Click the following link “” and you will be redirected where you’d fill out the required information to close your account
  2. Carefully answer all the necessary questions e.g your name and email address
  3. On the provided comment box type you want to delete your account and your account deletion process will begin 

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Here comes the end of this article on how to delete account and if found helpful do not hesitate to share with those interested in deactivating their account. The comment section is available to shoot in your questions regarding this article Thanks for reading and do have a wonderful day 

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