How to Delete Letgo Account – Cancel Account

How to Delete Letgo Account

Are you tired of your Letgo account and want to terminate it but do not know the processes involved? In this article, I’m going to show you how to delete Letgo account with no stress. Carefully follow the steps and have your Letgo account canceled successfully.

Letgo is an online marketplace that gives access to buying and reselling preowned items such as clothing, kitchen utensils, Television and mobile phones, etc.

Letgo was established in the year 2015 by Alec Oxenford with an estimate of over 90 employees. Its sole aim is to allow easy buying and selling of items no longer needed from an individual to a certain interested buyer. Here buyer goes to the website, checks out stuff, and reads the product information, and if found interested he/she chats/calls the seller and agrees to meet in a certain location for the purpose of doing business. If on a busy schedule, the seller can send out products to the buyer who must have made a payment [per agreed over calls or chat} through a third-party agent known as the dispatch riders or nearby delivery services.

Letgo well-structured with easy navigations {i.e.} anyone with or no expert level can operate {buy & sell} on the website.

To get started kindly visit the website and register using your email address and fill out the basic requirement forms and you are good to start making $$ from the platform.

Now let’s get to the main topic being how to delete Letgo account. Most of you who want to delete their Letgo account are fade up due to excessive spammy emails or unwanted notifications from the platform but if this is your reason for deleting your account I’d recommend you mark all incoming mail as spam so all your Letgo mail will go all to the spam folder or better still you can totally unsubscribe from their newsletter to stop getting any mail from them.

Another reason Letgo user tends to close down their account could be that user items have all been sold out and such user may feel to cancel his /her account with the platform.

Moreover, if you still want to go ahead to delete your Letgo account, carefully follow the below process to disable Letgo account.


How to Delete Letgo Account – Cancel Letgo Account

You can disable your Letgo account by following these two steps

Delete Your Account Through Their Website

  1. Go to and sign in
  2. Once signed in, tap on ‘Tech support and Bug report situated on the bottom part of your account
  3. A box to where you’d fill up the reason for deleting your account will appear, select a subject that best fit with your action and carefully write to the support reasons you want to terminate your account, and hit SEND once done
  4. The support will review your request and your account will be successfully deleted.


Delete Your Account Through Sending Email

  1. Simply send a well-written mail to the support using this address [email protected]
  3. Once sent, wait for at least 24hrs you will receive a mail stating that your account termination has been successfully initiated.
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