How To Delete Mathway Account – Deactivate Account

The activities of today’s online serve as an instrument to destroy one’s reputation so it time to delete your Mathway account you no longer make use of. This article contains a detailed step-to-step guide on how to delete Mathway account, Kindly follow up this post to the bottom part to know how this works.

Mathway is the number one top leading all mathematical problem solver for all students ranging from solving basic algebra to complex calculus etc. Mathway made easy to instantly point out all your math calculational problem in less than a minute. For a faster and accurate result, you can simply snap a pic of your maths equations and get the answer solved immediately with Mathway.

With millions of users, Mathway has been the No:1 student Math-related problem solver with billions of problems solved.

Students who found it difficult with trigonometry, statistics and chemistry should consider Mathway an ass saver as it will help you overcome your general mathematical, graphs plotting, and other related problems

With all being said, it came to our notice that most users still want to terminate their account as reason best known to them but from the random post made on our forum, users do complain of getting too many spam messages while others claimed they are done with their academy section and no longer needs their data seen on the Mathway platform and had decided to delete mathway account associating to their names to stay off data compromises.

How To Delete Mathway Account – Deactivate Mathway Account

Kindly follow the below procedures to delete your Mathway Account.


  1. Login to your Mathway account 
  2. Click on the top right ‘Human’ icon to access your profile
  3. Click on Settings 
  4. Tap on “Account” and select the “Billing section”
  5. Click on “Cancel Subscription” to close your existing subscription
  6. If you are on mobile, kindly uninstall the app and your account is successfully deleted

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