How to Delete OfferUp Account

How to Delete OfferUp Account

This article will teach you how to delete OfferUp account so if you find it difficult to deactivate your OfferUp account here is an ultimate guide to permanently delete your account.

You either can deactivate your account on a web browser or rightly on your mobile desktop view.

OfferUp is an online marketplace built with tons of great items either brand new or used. It is the most trusted platform to buy & sell locally.  Users can order by writing a message to the buyer stating his or her interest in the seen item. It also allows its registered user to negotiate on the item price with the seller.

Moreover, OfferUp seller tends to delete their account as reason best known to known to them but in most cases, it could be due to the user getting too many irrelevant promotional emails from the platform or as a result of one not meeting up with an expected end with the platform and decide to deactivate his account.

If your case is due to spam emails, it is recommended you unsubscribe from their newsletter automatically you will stop getting all emails from OfferUp.

Now let’s quickly look into the topic of today being how to delete OfferUp account.

The truth of the better is that OfferUp doesn’t have an option to delete an account but to deactivate.


How to Delete OfferUp Account Permanently?

 Kindly follow the below steps to deactivate your OfferUp account

  1. On your mobile or PC browser, Go to
  2. Login with your registered email address if not logged in already
  3. Once logged in you will see a list of options {Reasons why you want to deactivate your OfferUp account
  4. Chose a reason that best suit your need {You can as way select ‘‘others’’ to write your own reason for leaving the platform}
  5. Click on ‘‘Deactivate My Account’’ {Usually on a green button}
  6. Confirm you are not deleting your account by mistake by clicking on the ‘‘Yes, I’m sure’’
  7. A pop up shows up with an account successfully deactivated message
  8. Click Done

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