How to Delete Stash Account – Close Stash Account

Are you sick and tired of your stash account and want to delete it due to one thing or the other? If yes then you are at the right place on the web as I will give you a detailed guide on how to delete stash account with no hassle.

In case you are just hearing the word Stash, it is an investment app that allows its users to invest. Stash isn’t really a way to make a consistent income unless you’d want to invest in stocks which in returns get a reward usually known as dividends.

To earn hugely with stash, you’ve got to spend money to make money.

Notwithstanding stash users tend to deactivate their account due to so many reasons which best known to them but in my case, I will say is as a result of one getting thousands of unwanted emails in order word {Spam mail} from the platform. While some get bored using the app which could be a result of them not meeting up to their expectations with the company as it best known by its investment priority.

With all due respect, one has the right to deactivate any app he /she signed up with as no legal document is ascertained at the initial sign-up stage. In most cases, users delete stash account based on their health status.

If you deleting your stash account is as a result of getting too many unwanted emails, I will suggest you filter all incoming mail from your stash account to the spam folder {Done by marking the mail as spam before reading}

Another remedy to stop unnecessary mails from your stash account is by unsubscribing to their newsletter {You can do that by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link like button situated at the footer credit of all sent emails by stash}

Now I believe a vast knowledge is acquired in dealing with issues encounter with your stash account? And If still want to go ahead with the deactivation, below is a detailed process involves in deactivating, canceling, and deleting of stash account.


How to Delete Stash Account?

To close stash account, one has to send a mail using these guides below

Close Stash Account by Sending Email

  1. Go to your preferred registered email application e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, and webmail.
    Compose a well-structured email to the support team sending to this email address [email protected].
    3. Where you have an option for your mail Subject type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY STASH ACCOUNT”.
    4. Now is where the deletion comes In. Write your mail asking them to delete your account and its information. If you still struggle to write a mail for account deletion, here is a sample of how to compose your email.

Your mail request will be reviewed and your account will be successfully deleted. It takes approximately 24hrs -48hrs for your account to be deleted once your mail is received by the support officials.

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Here comes to the end of this step-to-step guide on how to close stash account and if found this article helpful, please do not hesitate to use the social share button to share with those in need of this guide as it is said that sharing is part of caring. Cheers and thanks for reading.

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