How to delete StubHub account

Learn how to delete StubHub account permanently with zero stress in this article. Here is an in-depth process involved to get rid of your account, read now.

StubHub is an accredited American ticket exchange and resale company that provides services for buyer and sellers of sports tickets, concerts, theatre and other live entertainment events.

StubHub from the initial stage of launch has grown from being the leading American Event and ticket exchange company to being the world largest and most trusted tickets marketplace.

It is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States, founded by former Stanford business school students “Eric Baker & Jeff Fluhr” in the year 2000

Having said much about StubHub, let’s quickly dive into our main topic “Deactivating StubHub account”


How To Delete StubHub Account – Delete StubHub Account

The easiest way to delete your StubHub account is by contacting the support team via call or email and ask them to deactivate, delete your account.

 Below are lists of contacts to reach out if you’d want to get rid of your account

United States and Canada 1.866.788.2482
Australia 1.800.770.534
France 0805.54.25.74
Germany 0800.724.1913
Mexico 800.436.0113
United Kingdom 0800.783.0260
All other countries +1.415.222.8400 (long-distance rates apply)


Delete Account By Sending Email

  1. Go to your mobile or web email 
  2. Compose a well-written mail stating the reason for deleting your account
  3. Attach your registered username for easy access by the support team
  4. On the subject blank type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”
  5. The recipient addresses  [email protected]
  6. Click “SEND” and your request will be attended to following with a confirmation mail once your StubHub account is successfully deleted

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