How To Delete Account – Close Very Account

Do you find it difficult to delete your account? If yes, here is an in-depth guide on how to delete account. All required is you paying close attention and reading thoroughly in order not to miss out on an important step involved in cancelling your account.

With no doubt, is a UK based E-commerce website that enables its registered users to make online purchases in items relating to users demand such items includes Kitchen utensils, clothing, electronics, personal accessories, and children play gadgets {Toys} has grown to its popularity right from the time it was launched by  Sir David Barclay in the year July 2009 with its headquarters in Speke Liverpool. Very had formerly been known as Littlewoods Direct as at early 2002 by the Barclay brothers.

As time went on Very made it easy for its users to navigate faster with ease of access by introducing all mobile version App to its registered users.

With all being said those who signed up with still want to exist from the platform as a reason best known to them. Some do complain they exist the platform due to excess spam emails and we strongly recommend you mark all incoming emails from the platform as spam or better still unsubscribe from their email newsletter to stay spam free and enjoy your shopping with the e-commerce website “Very”

Now let’s quickly look into the subject matter “How to delete account with no hassle.


How To Delete Account – Close Very Account

To close very account kindly follow the below steps

Navigate to the website to contact help from representatives

  1. Go to your web or mobile email app
  2. Compose a well-written mail while stating your reason for deleting your account to  [email protected]
  3. Attach your registered username and email address for faster and easy access to your account deletion
  4. On the provided subject space type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY VERY ACCOUNT” 
  5. Click “SEND” and wait for 24hrs max to receive a mail alongside the status of your account
  6. Your account is now successfully deleted. You can try logging in to confirm if it is well done or not.


Delete Very Account By Visiting The Website

Kindly follow the below procedures to cancel very account

  1. Go to
  2. A small live chat will appear at the right-hand side of your screen 
  3. Fill up the requirement if any and you will be opportune to chat directly to a representative
  4. Tell him/her to help delete your account while stating your reasons for canceling your account

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The below links contain direct access to contact very support for account deletion, choose your preferred means and talk to them to help delete your account.



Twitter Support:






Contact customer service team via call for an account deactivation

Line 1: 0800 092 3355

Line 2  Account Queries: 0800 389 5516

Line 3  Complaints: 0871 472 1697

Line 4  Returns: 0192 360 1616

Line 5 Customer Complaints: 0800 092 1920


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