How To Delete Walgreens Account | Close Account

Do you find it difficult to delete your Walgreens account? This article contains an in-depth step-to-step guide on how to delete Walgreens account with zero stress.

Walgreens is in no doubt one of the largest pharmacy store chains in the United States with accurate specializations in filling prescriptions, health and wellness products, health information, and photo services.

Walgreens operated 9,277 stores making it the most reliable health store in the united state. It was established and founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1901 as it first started out with a small food front store on the corner of Bowen and Cottage Grove Avenues in Chicago and today the store has grown beyond the imagination of beginning a top leading pharmacy in the US.

Walgreens made it easy for its user to freely navigate through their website with or no expert knowledge on web surfing. Individuals can easily tour around each extension of the website while having several health care products that suit each user’s needs.

Having listed the pros of Walgreens, users still want to delete their account as some often said they receive too many promotional offers which they are not interested in. In cases like users receiving too many emails, it is advisable you unsubscribe from their newsletter which can be done by simply clicking on the bottom link that comes with every mail sent by Walgreens.

To delete Walgreens accounts, kindly follow the below steps to permanently deactivate your account.


How To Delete Walgreens Account | Close Account

To delete your account, kindly call Walgreens Customer Service, toll-free, at 1-877-250-5823.with your request to delete your account as other related issues can’t be fixed off calls


Delete Your Account by sending an email to support

  1. On your web /mobile email application,
  2. Compose a well-written mail stating reasons for deleting your account and attach your Username and registered email address for proper confirmation
  3. On the provided subject space, write “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” 
  4. The recipient address is [email protected]
  5. Click SEND and wait for a response from the support team on your deletion request

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Have any issues regarding Walgreens kindly drop them in the comment box while we try our best to help you get them solved. Thanks for reading and do have a wonderful day 

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