How To Delete Wattpad Account – Close Wattpad Account Permanently 

Close Wattpad Account

Tired of using your Wattpad account and don’t know how to get rid of it, here is a step-to-step guide on how to delete Wattpad account. 

Wattpad is a global community that connects 90 million readers and writers through the effective power of storytelling. In order word, Wattpad is a place where story resides i.e writers share awesome stories in the community and interested reader gets to engage with the piece, shares reactions and comments to recommend the effort of the writer.

However, users tend to delete their Wattpad account as a reason best known to them. From a random mail we received on our platform we can say 40% of Wattpad users deactivated their account due to excessive emails to which they don’t recall subscribing to. 

If you are closing your Wattpad account due to this reason then it is recommended you unsubscribe to all newsletters by simply clicking on the bottom link attached to every email sent by Wattpad and by doing so you stand a higher chance of enjoying the app with zero spam emails.

Here are some points you should bear in mind before deleting your Wattpad account 


  • Closing your account can only be done from the web browser and not on the mobile app or mobile browser 
  • When you close your site you are not going to have access to any of your information as all will be wiped outs well i.e including your username, access to your libraries, public message and comments, etc.
  • Your deleted account can still appear on google search for some period after a successful deletion 


How To Delete Wattpad Account – Close Wattpad Account Permanently 

To permanently delete Wattpad account kindly follow the below instructions 

  1. Sign In to your account @ 
  2. Click on your profile or username located at the upper right side of your screen 
  3. Click on SETTINGS 
  4. Scroll down to the bottom page 
  5. Tap “Close Account” usually located at the right-hand side of your account 
  6. Fill up the necessary requirements 
  7. Tap on the box “Yes I’m sure” please close my account 
  8. Enter your password to confirm your account deletion 
  9. Click close my account 
  10. Uninstall the app from your mobile phone and your account is permanently and successfully deleted 

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Delete your account by sending a simple email

  1. Open your mobile or webmail 
  2. Compose a well-written mail stating the reason for deleting your account and attach your username and registered email address 
  3. On the subject option type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”
  4. Enter recipient address [email protected]
  5. Click “SEND” 
  6. Wait for 24hrs Max for a confirmation mail stating the status of your account deletion 


Do this to check if your account is successfully deleted 

  • Type in replacing ‘your username with the username of the account that you just deleted
  • If it is successfully deleted you should get the “User not found” error 


Hope these methods above solve your Wattpad account closure issues and if found this piece helpful do not hesitate to use the social share button to reach those interested in knowing how to delete Wattpad account.

Feel free to send in comments regarding Wattpad and its problems encountered and we’d be glad to attend to you ASAP. Thanks for reading and do have a wonderful day 👍

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