How To Delete Western Union Account

How To Delete Western Union Account

Do you want to minimize your online footprint? If yes, you are required to start getting rid of an account you no longer make use of. In this article, I will show you how to delete Western Union account within a twinkle of an eye.

Western Union is in no doubt one of the best and most used money exchange and transfer services providing Trust and reliability to individual funds with over 500,000 agents located in about 200 countries.

With Western Union, one can securely send and receive funds from one recipient to another all at leaser ease and fast response.

If you live in a country where receiving money from a top tier country is difficult then you’ve got to use the Western Union as an alternative to your money problems.

A lot of users tend to delete their account for a reason best known to them but one of them all is excessively getting non-related promotional mail. If this is the case while you want to deactivate your western Union account then am glad to say you’ve got an ass saver guide which is ( you can unsubscribe from all sort of promotional mail on the platform by simply clicking on the bottom link that comes with every email received or better still, mark all incoming mail as spam in a way that it automatically gets itself to your spam folders)

Now let’s quickly dive into how you can successfully delete your Western Union account 

How to Delete Western Union Account – Delete Permanently

Kindly follow the below process to terminate your account.

Pls, note that deleting your account will have all your transfer history and “my WU point” erased.

  1. Contact Western Union Support tell them you want to delete your account

Another option is to send a mail directly to the customer care 

Before sending your mail, you should be able to provide the below information and make sure to include it in your mail

  1. Your name as it appears on your profile 
  2. Registered phone number
  3. My WU number (if asked to )
  4. A compelling reason to delete your account 

Once provided head over to your mobile or desktop mail and write a mail with the subject “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” and send it to mailto:[email protected] 

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Be sure to have your Western Union account deleted by following the above-mentioned processes. feel free to ask any questions regarding your Western Union account and do not forget to use the social share button to reach out to those interested in knowing how to delete western Union account. Thanks for reading and do have a lovely day🥳

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