How To Edit Videos Online- The Complete Guide For Beginners

How To Edit Videos Online: We’re living in a world where you can find an application for almost everything. There are online courses and a virtually unlimited number of tutorials and explainer videos on YouTube to learn something new. In a way, we have all the resources we need to help us become self-taught experts.

Take video editing. You might think that you require the services of an expert for this purpose. But the reality is that it isn’t very complicated to edit videos online once you know all the tricks.

Different tools, tutorials, and resources can get anyone up and going with only a few editing skills. With billions of videos permeating the social and digital media space, getting self-sufficient in video editing will surely work to your advantage.

So, without overcomplicating the matter further, let’s have a look at some tips that can help you become a capable video editor.

How To Edit Videos Online
How To Edit Videos Online
  1. Dress Up Your Video

Dressing up your video with the right elements is very important. First and foremost, you must add text overlay to the video. This is a very simple way of dressing up an otherwise basic video.

And yes, adding text overlays to your videos will also make them more appealing. Adding captions and subtitles will improve the accessibility of your video and let users watch it even without sound.

Adding text to your video will also help you provide additional details of your products and services or what’s happening in the presentation.

  1. Add Commentary and Filters

In the same way, adding filters and commentary will also embellish your video like never before. This is a good way of filling silences, providing extra information, and smoothening transitions in the video while making it appear more professional and polished. Online video editors make it very easy to place additional narration over the footage.

Using the right filters can go a long way in making the video appear more attractive. You can use filters to improve the lighting of your video, set the right emotional tone, or make the visuals pop a bit more.

Video editors even come with special effects such as colour inversion and overlays that can enhance the quality of the video, provided they’re used properly. The right filters can give videos a branded and consistent appearance. Try using the colours of your brand for the filters and then apply them to the video.

  1. Choose the Perfect Online Video Editor

Considering the large number of video editing tools available online, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the most useful online video editor. First, decide on your end goal to make the right choice here.

Do you want to create a short and crisp promotional video for different social media platforms or a video presentation for a conference? Or do you want a huge audience to see your visual content? Or maybe it’s a video campaign or online commercial you’re working on?

  1. Consider Your Editing Experience

There are different online video editing tools available for different video types. Choose one that aligns with your requirements. Are you a beginner at video editing? Then go for editors created specifically for amateurs.

They come with step-by-step guides that walk users through the entire editing procedure while ensuring that you’re happy with the results. These are easy-to-use editing tools perfect for pulling together webinars or slideshows.

There are even tools available for experts with proper editing experience. These online editors offer attributes beyond the conventional ones like more layering, double screen editing, and a wide assortment of audio selections and special effects.

  1. Keep Transitions Simple but Effective

If you’re new to editing videos online, avoid the mistake of using a large number of complex transitions. Though it’s always interesting to learn the right way of using dissolves and wipes, these effects generally look tacky if they’re not used properly.

This goes double for the inexperienced editors who don’t have a great grasp of these effects. So, stick to just the simple cuts to stay on the safer side, and save the fancier transitions for instances where you have good reasons to use them.

  1. Use Sound Effects, Music, Graphics, and Narration Wisely

Are you willing to narrate your brand story most effectively? Then identifying three things is a must:

  • your potential audience,
  • how you want them to feel through your video, and
  • how you want them to react after watching it.

Depending on the message you’re trying to put across, include editing elements that’ll appeal to the audience and make them stick to your video. For example, use sound, music, graphics, effects, and narration wisely because they can significantly impact how the audiences feel about your visual content.

Be mindful of the visuals and audio elements you include in your video, as these will help build trust with your audience. These will also help spark the right action and reaction you are looking for.

  1. Pay Attention to the Timing

Pay attention to the timing of your content when editing it. Get it right on track, so things work as intended. If you’re using music, cut on the transitioning beats to get the timing right.

  1. Prioritize Crisp and Clear Audio

Another significant part of any video is the audio. It should always be crisp and clear. Low-quality audio will not only muddle things in the video but will also make the content boring.

Here, the first step is to use a top-quality microphone. Also, try to play through all the clips you’re using in your video to ensure they’re good before adding them to the content.

The Bottom Line

These are the tips that a beginner must follow at the time of video editing. In addition, it’s very important to invest in the most effective online video editing tool to get the best results out of your brand videos. After all, you’re using these videos to promote your products and services. So, it’s time to get serious with the video editing stuff.

Be realistic about your business objectives and goals. Lastly, hire professionals if you find that things are getting out of hand. There’s no harm in asking for help, and they can assist you in editing and creating videos the way you need to impress your clients.

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