How to Get a Job In Canada From Nigeria 2022/2023 (Apply Now)

How to Get a Job In Canada From Nigeria
How to Get a Job In Canada From Nigeria

Canada happens to be the second country in the North American continent where many foreign migrants love to choose as their destination point in terms of migrating and working, while the United States comes first.

I would also call Canada the land of opportunity, just like the United States, as Canada has endless job opportunities for both citizens and foreigners.

They also provide job opportunities for skilled and unskilled individuals, so be assured that with or without qualification, there are still chances of getting a job in Canada as the country has and provides endless job opportunities.

Due to the rising level of unemployment in Nigeria, many Nigerians have begun to seek job opportunities outside the shores of their country (NIGERIA), as not every individual has the capital to start a business or an enterprise. Aside from starting a business, many Nigerians with a qualification or skill choose to work outside their country as they believe they would hardly come across any organization that can pay them something substantial or valuable.

They believe that companies abroad value individuals that are skilled and qualified in that particular field;

Aside from value, they believe that they get good pay over there, job security, incentives, bonuses, and other benefits like health and dental, hence why many Nigerians would instead work abroad than work in their country.

Well, if you fall into the category of Nigerians looking for how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria, continue reading as this article will teach you how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria. I can assure you that if you put it into practice, you will eventually get a job in Canada.


How to get a job in Canada from Nigeria 

The following are the best, surest, and easiest ways of getting a job in Canada from Nigeria.


  1. Research different companies you may like to work with:

The internet has made things easy; people can now work from home, submit their credentials from their house, send money, and do a whole lot of things; so, the good thing you would do is to make use of the internet to research different companies hiring individuals (depending on the field).

Look out for the field you are into or your area of expertise before looking for individuals or companies that are also in that same field; after you have seen them and inquired if they are recruiting, proceed to apply and anticipate a response from the employer.

  1. Check Canadian job websites

Several Canadian websites post job ads, and these jobs are also open to both Canadians and foreigners. Some employers also help foreigners get their work permits before coming to work in Canada. So you can surf the net for trusted Canadian job websites; I would also suggest a website which is JOB BANK; the job bank website posts over 2,000 job ads every day. Try applying for anyone you want, and hopefully, you will see one.

  1. Mobile applications for jobs

There are many mobile applications that you can use to apply for jobs both within and outside your country; all you have to do is to sign up and search for jobs from other countries; some of these mobile applications are IndeedLinked-inGlassdoorZip recruiter, etc.

All you have to do is sign up and create an online Resume before you start searching for Canadian employers or organizations.

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  1. Use the help of a Canadian employment agency

You can surf the net, connect with trusted Canadian employment agencies, and tell them the kind of job you want. They would help look out for jobs that are good for you and also jobs based on your qualifications (in cases where the individual has a skill) or help find jobs for unskilled individuals.

  1. Friends, families, and pals

If you have a friend, family member, or acquaintance residing in Canada, such an individual could be of great help in helping you find a job in Canada while you are still in Nigeria.

All you have to do is reach out to them, telling them the type of job depending on your field; they would help you talk to employers that might be hiring or even look out for organizations that are recruiting individuals.

NOTE: if you eventually get a job and move to Canada, you wouldn’t be allowed to work if you don’t possess a work permit, and that’s why you need to discuss it with your employer before traveling so that they can help you process it which doesn’t delay you from working.


In summary, I believe this article has been able to teach you how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria. I also think it should serve as a guide for Nigerians who might be planning on getting a job in Canada, as it has highlighted the most straightforward steps to follow that can help you get a job in Canada while you’re still in Nigeria.

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