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Canada is a country in North America that shares a border with Alaska (USA) In the west and also shares a maritime border with Denmark, Canada surprisingly happens to be the second-largest country in the world with about 9.98 million square miles while Russia comes first; with a small population of about 38.01 million as of 2020 Canada happens to be among the first choice for other foreign nationals who want to immigrate.

Canada also has two official languages which are English and French, with the Canadian dollar (CAD) being their official currency; Canada also practices a constitutional monarch system which is similar to that of the United Kingdom (UK) in which the monarch is the head of state and the prime minister being the head of government.

With about 300,000 people immigrating into Canada annually, the country has grown to be the country with the highest number of immigrants in the world according to statistics, and the number one choice for everyone.

Below are a few reasons why people love migrating to Canada:

  1. good quality of living
  2. Canada is the world’s most educated country (63% of Canadian have graduated from college)
  3. peaceful to live in
  4. little or no crime rate

So, if you are still considering moving to Canada and are not sure about which way to go about it; I would be listing some easiest ways to migrate to Canada from any part of the world.

How to Immigrate To Canada

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How to Immigrate to Canada: (Easiest ways to immigrate)

  1. Express Entry

Express entry is an online immigrating system set up by the Canadian government; it allows people to create a profile about themselves and later put all the profiles in a pool which is later ranked amongst different profiles. The criteria that need to be met if you want to have a high chance of getting a high-ranking point in an express entry and also be selected are:

  1. your educational level
  2. ability to use their official languages which are French and English (orally and written)
  3. work experience and skills you possess
  4. age
  5. if you have a job offer from an organization or individual
  6. your current financial status (as there is a minimum amount applicant needs to have)


  1. Business Immigration

Canada’s business immigration program allows foreign nationals who have experience in owning or managing a business to come to Canada, so the business immigration program allows people that are self-employed or that have plans of setting up a business to come to Canada. Although there are also specific amounts required of you have depending on the province you intend to move to.

  1. Sponsorship

if you have a family member (nuclear or extended) residing in Canada or someone who has a permanent residence permit in Canada, then it is definitely one of the fastest ways of coming to Canada as they can help you sponsor your visa into Canada. For the sponsorship, it costs about $1,135 CAD or more if the sponsor resides or intends to reside in Quebec and processing usually takes about 12 months to process.

  1. Marriage – Spouse

Sounds strange though, but having a wife or husband who is a citizen of Canada or someone who is a permanent resident holder is also one of the easiest ways of migrating to Canada on a platter as your spouse can help you with your immigration process into Canada, processing also takes about 12 months or less.

  1. Job Offer

If you have an employment letter from an individual or organization inviting you to come work, then its also one of the easiest ways of migrating to Canada; it takes little or no processing time as the Canadian government would only do a check to be sure that the employment offer is genuine and you are actually coming to Canada to work.

  1. Studies – Schooling

If you are a student who wants to come to Canada to study, it is advisable to get your admission letter before applying; once you have your admission letter you would have your visa processed and also make your coming to Canada hastened without any delay.

So, I believe this tip would help anyone out there who has plans of migrating to Canada as it happens to be the proven fastest method of migrating to Canada. In summary, I would also share some things you need to know or have before coming to Canada.

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Points to Consider before Immigrating to Canada

  1. Be financially buoyant:

If you have little or no cash, coming to Canada or residing there might be a little problem for you as the country’s cost of living can be very high.

  1. have a skill or a qualification:

This day, Canada mostly accepts people who have useful skills. Skills matter a lot as they can either give you a job or a means of surviving.

  1. be ready to pay high taxes as the country’s taxes are on the high side
  2. its really cold in Canada


I hope this article “how to immigrate to Canada” guides you in your migration journey into Canada? To your success


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