How To Index Backlinks Fast in Google

How to index backlinks fast in Google

Built Tons of backlinks and don’t know how to get them index in Google, worry no more because I will show you a step-to-step guide on how to index backlinks fast in Google 2022 and all time  in this article, all you have to do is to read on to the bottom part of this great masterpiece.

Before we get started, I made a video on how to create backlinks for those of you who don’t know how to create backlinks, feel free to watch it while you read on to know the best important aspects of Backlinking i.e., getting them indexed by Google crawler.

Gone are the days, when Google index backlinks within a day or two. Now, the main goal in every link building campaign is to make sure your links are indexed in other words seen by google bot to enhance your site visibility and increase rankings.

Natural indexing by Google still exists but takes approximately 3 to 6 months to get seen or indexed by Google crawler. So, it will be a total waste of time if after Building a huge backlink and at the end don’t get, or takes forever to get indexed by google here comes in with many people with different thoughts on how to index backlinks fast in google.

Years ago, backlinks index used to be an easy task which involves you aiding a prompt command to google indexer by pinging your built /created links using a popular ping tool such as

  • Pingler
  • OneHourIndexing
  • Indexification
  • Ping tool
  • Pingdom

Before we dive into today’s topic being how to index backlinks fast, let’s quickly have a clear glance at the breakdowns of today’s segment or I’d say what you will learn from this article below

  1. What are backlinks and why it is necessary for our websites?
  2. Points to consider when creating backlinks
  3. Types of backlinks
  4. How to index backlinks faster in google for free and paid ways
  5. Frequently asked questions on how to index backlinks faster in Google

Let’s get started without hesitation

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks are references compared to citations. I.e., is a link created from one website to another website that tells search engines how worthy, trusted, authentic, authoritative and unique a website is.

The more backlinks one website acquires, the higher ranking it gets. So, you’ve got to acquire all highly authoritative links for this to be initiated.

Types of Backlinks 

Without being told, there are only two types but not kinds of backlinks as we will discuss the kinds in other articles namely:

  1. Dofollow Backlinks &
  2. Nofollow Backlinks


  1. Dofollow Backlinks

As the name implies “Follow” in a lame man, this is a type of backlinks that tells or allows search crawlers e.g., Google crawler to follow, pass authority and link juice to the linked site or outbound links to rank. It is implemented with the Rel= “Follow” Attributes

The term Dofollow backlinks were introduced by Google in the years 2005 to filter out toxic /spammy links used to manipulate website rankings and improve accurate search engine results as per user request.

NOTE: More Dofollow backlinks should be utilized when building or acquiring backlinks as this will aid in the growth of your website.


  1. Nofollow Backlinks

Without being told, it is the opposite of the Dofollow backlinks. The Nofollow links are implemented with the Rel= “Nofollow attributes or HTML tag. It tells search engines to ignore passing authority, Link juice and page rank to the linked website.

NOTE: Nofollow backlinks don’t hurt or harm a website but negatively impact your website ranking by not passing authority. You can get Nofollows backlinks cool, but don’t have them over your Dofollow’s


Reasons Why Backlinks Are Important / Necessary to Our Website 

Backlinks building are important in the following ways

  1. It serves as a signal to Google that a website is authentic, authoritative and worthy of citations & ranking
  2. Backlinks help to reduce website bounce rate as it is interconnected to other webpages of a site
  3. It serves as trust and increases sales through manipulation of website rankings
  4. It helps in building business relationships
  5. Backlinks are important as it serves as a source of generating a referral traffic
  6. Helps to increase domain authority, ratings, citations and trust flow


Points to consider when creating or building backlinks 

The below are the most significant things you should consider or look out for when creating backlinks to your money site or client’s site

  • Quality of backlinks 

This refers to you having to run a brief test on the backlinks to acquire to see how effective it is so you don’t attract google penalty building toxic links. Tools like Moz, Ahref, SEMrush are a great fit as they allow you to know how quality backlinks are.

Backlinks quality is determined by the number of good quality links pointing to the domain.

  • Domain authority & rating

This is another essential point to consider when creating backlinks. You can make use of Smallseotool to check your domain authority and rating which is measured on a scale of 0-100. The higher the figure a domain gives the more influential it becomes.

  • Links from sandbox domain 

This is a common mistake made by many link builders, unknowingly creating backlinks from a sandboxed or penalized domain.

Whenever you get or build links from a penalized site or domain, you stand a higher chance of getting your site penalized too as google will pass out the bad reputation or act conducted by the site to your own website, so you should be all-time careful and watch out for this common mistake made by many while in your backlinks building campaign.

  • Toxic/Spammy links 

Beginners with zero knowledge on this often get their domain penalized by google or probably get hit each time google roll out this yearly update popularly known as the Google core algorithm update.


What are spammy/ toxic links?

These are backlinks built or created from penalized sites, websites containing illegal resources e.g., a website with irrelevant niche, pornographic website, drugs and other illegal substances.


What are the Consequences of building spammy links?

The #1 consequence of building spammy links is that it brings about google penalty, sanding of domain and decrease in website rankings etc.

  • Estimate irrelevant backlinks and build more Dofollow’s

This is the last but not the least point to consider when optimizing or creating backlinks.

Estimating irrelevant links and building more Dofollow backlinks can be done by having an in-depth analysis of the link you want to create and exploring more on each to its relevance. Acquire more Dofollow backlinks if you want to get to the top of Google SERP with fewer Nofollows

How to index backlinks fast in Google

How to Index Backlinks Fast in Google 2022? 

Here comes the deal of the day, how to index backlinks fast. I want to say a big thanks to you for reading to this extent and I assure you 100% fast indexation after reading and implementing this rule below as it is said that hearing without taking action won’t get stuff done for you, so you’ve got to practice what you see here today to get your loved links indexed by google.

I will in this article give you different ways to index backlinks ranging from the use of google ping tool, use of google popular search console tool, use of social media and with the use of web 2.0s with similar website CMS etc. See you at the top, Let’s dive in


  1. Index Backlinks Naturally 

This is one of the popular ways to index backlinks fast in any website platform you are running on. As the name implies, it is a solution where you wait for google to naturally pick your links without any software or other means to call on google crawler for indexing and this is the best method out of the other methods we are going to discuss today.

Most times people do complain their links aren’t seen by Google and ought to get away to make google index their links faster. The truth is that it takes approximately 3-6 months for google to discover new links created and if you can’t wait then you can use the below ways to get your link index as fast as you may want it. Let’s see how this method “Natural indexing works”

How To:

After creating your links, wait for about 3-6 months for google to find and index your link naturally while in most cases takes more than 6 months to get seen

(Some links don’t get index if it fails to comply with google links guidelines mentioned above in points to consider when creating backlinks)


  1. Use of Ping Tool

This is another great way to index your backlinks fast. All you have to do to get your links indexed in this ideal is to use the popular ping tools to ping your links to call on the google crawler API for faster indexation.

This method is popular in the years past but takes much time to effect presently must especially if you build top links.

Below is a list of free & paid working pinging tool for the year 2021

How to Index Backlinks Fast in Google


How to use Ping Tool

To use any of the above tools, kindly visit the website or use the google search to search for any of the tools

How to Index Backlinks Fast in Google

  • Visit the website
  • You will see a blank space with options to paste your backlinks URL (Some platform does allow mass ping of URL and while some are unlimited access to ping)
  • Paste your links in the provided blank box
  • Hit or click on the ping or mass ping button and your link are successfully submitted to google crawler for indexification


  1. Use of Social Media page

I personally recommend using this method because I use it and it works for me so try it out. All you have to do here to get your backlinks index is to leverage the power of social media like Twitter, Reddit and I won’t mention Facebook due to their strict restrictions when it comes to users sharing third party links outside that of Facebook.

Step 1: How to index backlinks fast whiling using Twitter 

  • Go to the top niche-related post to your links, drop a nice comment while leaving along with your built link on it. (Twitter crawls their user content almost every second. The more the crawling the chances of your link to get faster indexation)
  • Use your created link to make a new Tweet and share on trending topics (you can find hot trending post by leveraging on the hashtags #)

Step 2: How to index backlinks fast with Reddit

Reddit is one of the best platforms to index your links as it allows its user to link back to various external sources.

  • To get started, first create an account with Reddit by Registering here
  • Create a new post with your related niche e.g. you built backlinks on the top best business ideas in the United Kingdom your post should be closely related to business ideals in the UK and spread your created links at least 2 -3 links per each post  across your content pointing back to your backlinks I.e. top best business ideas in the United Kingdom ( once Reddit crawls your post your backlinks will be automatically indexed)


  1. Index Backlinks by Commenting on Others Website or Web 2.0s 

This is one of the fastest methods to index backlinks fast in google 2021 and it is best recommended if you want a faster result

How To

All that is required to get link indexation is you having to leave a nice comment on others’ websites while dropping your links along.

For Web 2.0s it works faster as it emphasizes on the variety of users generated contents.

  1. Indexation with The Use of Google My Business (GMB)

This is a method used in indexing stubborn backlinks e.g., a particular URL (limited to only one URL)

How To:

  • Signup to GMB account by registering here
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and fill up the necessary requirements
  • Here comes the part to index your backlinks. Where you have an option to insert your business URL/website, kindly place your built backlinks to serve as your business website
  • Hit the publish / Create now button to complete your account creation and wait for about 24hrs for google to crawl and make your business visible on search and your stubborn backlinks will get indexed immediately. For a video tutorial on this method Watch now on 24hrs secret method to index your backlinks fast in google


  1. How to Index Backlinks Fast with The Use of Google Search Console 

This method serves as a bonus tip. If you find any of the above methods difficult to implement, then you’ve got no choice but to work this out.

For this to take effect, you will need to be in a possession of a running website be it self hosted or not e.g., Blogspot or website hosted in any other CMS

I believe this will be best presented in a video format so I took out time to create a 6-minute video tutorial on this idea Watch Now 👇👇

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Index Backlinks Fast in Google 

The below post contains the list of all the frequently asked questions among web owners and SEO backlinks building practitioner

What are Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are interconnections of two or more websites to build authority, trust and increase website presence in SERP in other words known as Ranking.

Backlinks are also called incoming or inbound links which are important to SEO

What is Crawling and Indexing?

Crawling is a process in which search engines send out robots known as spiders or spider bots to find updated web pages or website content for search engine visibility.


Indexing is a process used by Google to understand what a page or content is all about. In other words, it is a formation used by search engines to enable a superfast response to user search queries

How Long Does It Take for Backlinks to Get Indexed?

In real nature, backlinks indexation takes approximately 10 weeks to get seen by google bot While in some manner could show up in a few days depending on the quality and effectiveness of the link built/created.

What Is A Profile Link?

These are backlinks created by simply inserting your website link or URL in the profile section in other business or personal websites.

How to Do Blog Commenting In SEO?

You can do blog commenting in SEO by composing a well-structured comment along with your website link to other websites

How Do I Know If I Have Bad Backlinks?

In order to know the number of bad /spammy backlinks pointing to your website, you’ve got to utilize some free or paid tool to analyze the inbound links coming to your website. A tool like Moz, Ahref, SEMrush, and Ubersuggest are great fits

How Do I Remove Bad Backlinks From My Website?

Removing bad backlinks is relatively easy, it is time-consuming but worth it as this will help in your website SEO performance.

  1. Run a thorough check to know the bad /toxic links coming to your website
  2. Use your text document to pastedown all the toxic links
  3. Go to the Google disavow tool and request the removal or disavowing of toxic links to your site


How to Index Backlinks Fast in Google?

Below are the easiest ways to get your backlinks indexed in no time.

  1. Wait for Natural Indexation
  2. Use Backlinks Ping Tool e.g pingfarm
  3. Use Your Social Media page or handle to index your links
  4. Index Backlinks by Commenting on Others Website or Web 2.0s
  5. Indexation with The Use of Google My Business (GMB)


Bottom Line: How to Index Backlinks

While working on indexing backlinks in Google, you need to analyze your website’s backlink profile on a regular basis. You can use a free backlink checker to evaluate incoming links to your site. While using the backlink tracker, you can easily figure out the backlinks targeting your competitors’ sites as well. You won’t have to waste time or spend a single penny to examine backlinks with this web-based tool.

Here comes the end of our article today on How to index backlinks fast in google. The truth is that if after reading these tips today and deciding to keep off without putting them into practice, you may end up not getting your all-time built links indexed in google which is the aim of every link-building campaign.

Find this article helpful and informative? Please do not hesitate to use the social share button to reach out to those interested in knowing how to index their links. The comment box is available for your contributions and problem facing in your link building camp…

Cheers 😊

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