7 Powerful Tips To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

how to keep your man happy in bed
7 Powerful Tips To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

Are you on this page to learn how to keep your man happy in bed today? Yes, you are on the right page.

A bed can be the place for everything.

Yes, I mean you can seduce your man there, make him discover the sweet pleasures of love, argue there, reconcile, and even surprise him.

In short, it’s a place you must master, especially from a sexual point of view.

So how do you keep a man happy in bed? How you can make it a place of pleasure and not disappointment?

Don’t worry this article will guide you.

How to Keep Your Man Happy in Bed

how to keep your man happy in bed
Keep Your Man Happy In Bed
  1. Dress Sexy

Put on something sexy. Rub your body with body glow, perfume, or edible sweets.

There are many choices of treats that you can stick to your body. Wear sexy underwear and style your hair in a sexy way.

  1. Romance Him

Massage his body and sexually touch him. Massage his testicles and play with his penis to awaken the sensations.

Ask him what he wants you to do. Ask for the details. Be lovingly demanding. This will make him want to give you pleasure.

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  1. Surprise Him in Bed

If you must surprise him. Do something completely out of the ordinary. Take him somewhere unexpected and make love when he least expects pleasure.

Turn off all the lights in the house, light some candles, and leave some notes on paper with a code that will lead to your sex.

Let him stay naked in a bubble bath with two glasses of wine and a lot of romance. You will see how happy he will be.

how to keep your man happy in bed
how to keep your man happy in bed
  1. Imagine it’s your first time

Create the environment for the first time. There is something dangerous and attractive about having sex for the first time with someone.

If your first time was in a car, make love in a car again. It may be more difficult, but it will add fun and excitement to the sex itself.

  1. Enjoy the moment

Do massage your man regularly and focus on mutual relaxation.  Many couples get to the point where they treat sex as an obligation.

You shouldn’t let it get to this point. It must be a pleasant experience that brings you closer to your man and vice versa.

You should enjoy each other and have fun in this experience.

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  1. Try Out Different Sex Positions

There are different sex positions you can give a man to keep him happy in bed. Among them are discussed below;

  • Doggy Style

The woman is kneeling and propped up on her elbows or hands, and the man approaches from behind.

The privileged view of the buttocks and the female genital region and the whole of intercourse, together with the feeling of dominance that comes with the partner’s submissive position, puts that position on men’s list of favorite positions.

Also, the penetration is pretty deep, and they have complete control over how it goes.

  • Standing

The fact that this position can be done anywhere sharpens the male imagination and can be a way to fulfill some fantasies.

Not to mention that it allows for a great variation in angles.

If the woman is leaning against the wall, for example, the man will feel that he is dominating the relationship, which gives extra pleasure to the act.

But if there is a lot of difference in height between the couple, it gets quite complicated.

  • Cowgirl

The man remains to lie down, and the woman sits on his penis with her knees bent and braced beside her partner’s body and torso erect.

The penetration takes place very deep and her body is fully exposed in his line of sight, which for men is extremely exciting.

In this position, it is the woman who determines how the penetration will take place. Ideally, it helps the man find the right rhythm of movement so that he can reach orgasm.

  • Spooning

Both the man and the woman lie on their sides, she with her back to him, and he is facing her body.

In this position, the frontal view is less, but she favors neck and back caresses and kisses, which is quite exciting.

The fact that there is no direct eye contact makes it a good option when there is not much intimacy between the couple.

Other advantages of this option are that it is very comfortable, does not require much physical effort from the couple, allows the man to easily touch the woman’s breasts and genitals, and allows for various angles of penetration.

But those who have a small penis may have difficulty, as the vagina might appear shallow.

how to keep your man happy in bed

  1. Be yourself

If you know how to keep your man happy outdoors and in everyday life. Then you can do the same in bed. _” how to keep your man happy in bed

Like? You shouldn’t try to change, do things you don’t like to try to please him better in bed. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try new things but ensure that you enjoy what you are doing.

So the simplest thing is for you to listen to your desires, do what tempts you, without forcing it. You knew very well how you seduced him before you landed in bed.

You will know how to seduce him when you are there. Stay as natural as possible.

However, it’s perfectly understandable that you might be a little anxious if this is the first time you’ve ended up in bed with that man you dreamed of.

But relatively, he’s a man like the others and if you’re there with him it’s because you like him.

So don’t be complex.


I believe that you now know how to keep your man happy in bed.

Sex is an important part of the relationship. Each one must be committed to each other every day and a way to express love is through sex.

Whenever you feel like you’re not satisfied, then it’s time to spice things up. This way you can keep a man happy in bed.

Ensure that you share this with your colleagues who might be interested in knowing how to keep their man happy in bed.

Meanwhile don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks.

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