How to Last Long in Bed

How to Last Long in Bed

Most relationships, marriages stumble because the man failed to deliver effectively. Women do love it when their men give it to them back-to-back so you as a man must be able to stand on your feet at any given time. Sound interesting right? but the truth is that average men do not last long in bed. Some could just end up 3-5 minutes and that’s sucks ball as a man.

If you are a guy reading this and want to last longer in bed and make her want you like OMG don’t know the best word to describe this feeling you get when you satisfy your woman or partner to the fullest.

It is possible as a lady, your partner isn’t se*ually performing his night calls, read this piece and be of help to him.

How To Last Longer in Bed Naturally– {BEST GUIDE}

  1. Get Some pelvic floor exercises: To last longer in bed, you should utilize the power of a little exercise before S*x. Research conducted in a European organization has it that Pelvic floor exercise helps to relieve one from quick ejaculation. So, this is best recommended to last longer in bed.
  2. Take It Slow: According to men fitness magazine, you should tell your guy to start slow and gradually repeat the same process, if he feels he’d want to come he should stop thrusting for some seconds and take off the work again LOL
  3. Ejaculate before the main event: Cosmopolitan magazine has it that vigorous foreplay before s*x can help prolong quick ejaculation. Not only you are liable to orgasm but take you longer to come during S*x
  4. Consistent changing of position: To last in bed you should always remember to switch up your position as this will help ease tension from your nerves and prevent quick Cuming.

You can try out this positioning suggested by Cosmopolitan e.g., girl on top or missionary, skip Doggy as this may help delay the finale.

Bonus Tip

Use Condom if you want to last long in bed. Condon helps keep the men’s penis sensation weaker aiding to longer lasting in bed.

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