How to Make a Girl fall for You

How to Make a Girl fall for You

Do you want to know how to make a girl fall for you? If yes, read on: Getting a girl to fall for you requires special skills like patience, energy, time, and possibly inventing new skills to make her fall in love. But nonetheless, there are still some girls that are hard nuts; they act like sweet words and compliments don’t work for them but if as a guy and you are truly after her and want her, am sure you would be consistently following her up although you might be frustrated with time she would eventually give in and in the end, you would be the winner.

Making a girl fall for you can be quite challenging, especially if you two are of different backgrounds, beliefs, and classes; but I assure you that if you can follow these few tricks, you would definitely be the master key that can open the heart of any girl you desire.

  1. Do a little assessment on her

Most guys out there see a girl they like and run after her which is quite wrong, I advise you to spend a little time trying to figure out who she is, what she loves doing, her personality, the kind of people she hangs out with, where she spends her quiet time, her hobbies and possibly likes and dislikes. This first step is actually the key and most important, it informs you ahead of who she might be, whether she is a negative or positive influence, and also gives you an undiluted knowledge of her person.

  1. Try and draw close to her

After you must have completed an assessment test on her, the next step is trying to get close to her; you do that by engaging in activities she engages in (it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the things you enjoy doing), making friends with her, greet her with a warm smile, always express yourself, be positive-minded and focused.

  1. keep it real

Don’t ever try to impress a girl you want, as my mom would always tell me “Always express yourself rather than trying to impress”. Don’t be too flashy, don’t change your personality around her or because of her, don’t look expensive because of her, and always be yourself at all times you never can tell who is watching you.

  1. compliment her regularly

Many females love compliments, compliments make them feel loved, it puts them on top of the world. So, complimenting her on little things like her dress, her face, her shape, her smile, her perfume, her sense of humor, and a whole lot of things I can’t list actually matters. Complimenting her regularly is also a key to every lady’s heart and makes her develop feelings for you; while complimenting her, if its possible try flirting with her a bit but while flirting avoid using expensive or erotic words so that you don’t get her irritated.

  1. look clean and presentable at all times

Don’t let the fact that you are chasing a girl make you forget the fact that you also have to take care of yourself, wear clean clothes at all times, bath regularly, brush your teeth regularly, wear fine perfumes and make sure you pay attention to your own personal hygiene. It wouldn’t be nice to use mouth odor or body odor to chase a girl away. So in essence, always look presentable at all times.

  1. Respect her for who she is

Whenever you are around her; always respect her feelings, her opinions, and whatever she wants her likes or dislikes. Whenever she is talking, give her your attention, make the little times you both spend together to be fun, engage in various activities, take a walk, go to recreational centers and make every moment worthwhile.

  1. Ask her out on a date

This is where things get intense, you proceed by asking her on a date; a simple date like a coffee date or dinner date would be nice for a start, while on a date talk about things that are fun, things that would make you two happy. While on a date let the atmosphere be nice, fun-filled, and love-filled also.

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After the date I am pretty sure she would be thinking about you throughout the night, in no time she would crave to see your face first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, your face would be the only thing flashing in her head that is when you would proceed to the next step which is.

  1. Dating her

After all these phases I am 100% certain she can’t say no if you request to date her, in fact before asking her she would definitely say yes. So, you proceed by asking her to date you, before you ask her make sure she is in her right frame of mind and doesn’t have anything bothering or disturbing her. Also the environment matters, you can’t be in a noisy environment and ask her such a question.

So after she has accepted to date you, don’t act like a politician who forgets the days of a struggle trying to get that position and goes back on their words after getting it meaning do not be in a hurry to forget the pain and what you went through while trying to make her fall for you, so in order for things not to turn sour; I would advise you to do this regularly:

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How to Make a Girl fall for You
How to Make a Girl fall for You

How to Make a Girl fall for You (Top Secrets Revealed)

Do the following to make her fall for you like never before:

  1. create memorable moments

You can do this by making out quality time to spend with her, occasional forehead kiss and peck on the cheek, going on vacation, going to the cinema, a pillow fight, and giving her a massage.

  1. Treat her like a queen

Occasionally you can do this by getting her flowers, a box of chocolate, sending her romantic text messages, buying her favorite snack or food, serving her breakfast in bed and a lot I can’t list. All these little things actually matter as they would strengthen the bond between the two of you.

  1. Be understanding

Try to understand her and tolerate her, everyone has their flaws as there is no perfect human being, so instead of flaring up or getting mad at her just ignore her that moment and possibly talk things out when she is finally calm and relaxed.

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As a guy, if you can follow these tips I can assure you that you would have the best and sweetest relationship for a very long time.

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