How to Make a Woman feel Loved and Secured

How to make a woman feel loved and secure

Are you wondering how to make a woman feel loved and secure in the relationship?
Is she always feeling unsecured even when you have made so many efforts in gaining her trust? The most common report we get from men is “She often nags over insecurities.”  Women are so good at getting jealous and assuming their partner is cheating… And that can really be a problem in the relationship.

Worry no more, cos this article will take you on a journey of how you can win her love and trust completely.

Generally, women are the most emotional people, especially in romance. They nag and complain about every little mistake you make as a man. They try to take charge of your heart and entire life, Lol.

This could be because she’s in love with you alone and wants to make sure she is the only one you’re in love with too. However, this perception can be changed the moment she begins to suspect you or see reasons to feel scared or unsafe.

Women are not so difficult to deal with if you can understand their cravings and the exact kind of attention they want from you. Every woman has a unique demand expected to be delivered by their spouses.

She wants to be treated with love and respect, she wants to know she is your only choice and not an option. She always wants to be reassured and undoubtedly believes she is a priority.

You don’t really need to buy her a house or fancy cars for her to be secured with you, the very little things count and those are the things you might have been overlooking as a man.

What your woman wants from you could be something you have never thought of or see necessary to do and that’s why she keeps feeling unsecured and less loved.

The good news is that this article will be telling you what every woman wants from their man in a relationship. These measures have been long tested and trusted.

Moving straight to these measures, fingers crossed. Following these measures can bring the solution on how you can make your woman feel completely loved and secured in the relationship.

How to make a woman feel loved and secure
How to make a woman feel loved and secure

How to make a woman feel loved and secure?


  1. Balance the love energy

This is one of the serious reasons women feel unsecured in their relationships. When you do not reciprocate the exact love energy she gives to you or even more, she begins to feel you’re giving out that energy to another woman.

When the energy is not balanced, when she is the one putting in more effort than you are doing in the relationship, then you’re clearly passing out a message of seeing someone else.

Women love to be chased, treat her like she is the only one in your world. Recognize her efforts and double them. When the energy is balanced, she is relaxed enough but not totally, the next measure will tell us more.

  1. Build her confidence

Now that the love energy is balanced, you don’t have to give this woman a reason to think she is not good enough. Posting female friends on your social media pages, or inviting female friends over often for parties or hangouts will surely keep your woman worried.

Appreciating other women outside your relationship is good but it’s at the detriment of your relationship. For example, if she is a slim woman and you often post about chubby women, this could make her feel she is not good enough for you and ignite her feeling of insecurity.

Women love to feel confident about themselves. Ensure you complement her dressings, makeups, hair, smiles, etc.

When you make her believe that she is the most beautiful woman in your sight and the best you’ve ever had, in your words and actions, she will feel confident about you, herself, and the relationship.


  1. Make yourself available 

After building the confidence of this woman, then you have to make yourself available to attend to all her needs, according to your capacity. Make her understand your schedule, income, and time flexibility. Be transparent enough for her to understand the times you’re unable to meet up. Do not make her feel you’re always making up excuses in any way. Always try to give her valuable reasons and proof to believe that you’re truly busy.

What you love is what you create time for, so for her to believe you love her, you have to give her the best of your time and attention. With this, she will feel more loved, appreciated, and secured.


  1. Never compare her with anyone

This is the most unintentional mistake most men make in relationships. Comparing your woman with another woman is a total turn-off to her efforts in that relationship. You are making her feel someone else could have done it better than she did, and that can make her think you are about finding someone else who is better than she is.

Do not speak about your ex with her, let alone compare her with them. It’s really disrespectful to do that.

Every woman wants to feel they are doing the best for their man. Comparing her with others will keep her uncomfortable, hence giving her the idea that you could be cheating with someone better.

Appreciate all the efforts she brings, if there is a need to correct her, please do that with love without condemning or comparing.

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  1. Respect her decisions

A woman likes it when her decisions are respected. It makes her feel her opinion is valued and she has a say in the relationship. Honoring her words will motivate her to think of more ideas that can make the relationship work out. It makes her know that you believe in her and have no other love beacon except her.

Simple gestures like “Yes you’re right.” “How can we do this?” Gives a woman a sense of belonging. It makes her feel she is a part of you that cannot be easily replaced. If you don’t give her these privileges she feels left out all the time. Therefore always carry your woman along.

Conclusion: How to make a woman feel loved and secure?

How do these measures make you feel? Do you think it’s something you can do for your woman? Honestly, there is no better relationship without all the above-stated measures. This is exactly how every woman wants to be treated.
Try them out and see if she won’t love you and feel secure with you to the end.
Thanks for reading.

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