How to make your hair grow longer and Faster

I know how you feel when trying to grow your hair longer and thicker. The process to get the desired hair pattern might take forever. According to research, hair growth takes approximately a 6-inch average per year on each hair growth.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, it is said that hair growth feels minimal most especially when we lose fifty – hundred (50-100) hair per day.

While some women naturally grow long hairs, which could be as a result of parental hereditary.

So, if you are curtained at growing your hairs faster then you should consider going through this article as it will expose the top hair growing secret used by so many which you longed admire. Let’s dive in

10 Most Effective Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Longer and Faster

How to make your hair grow longer and Faster

  1. Make Sure to Always Eat the Right Food

Having long hair isn’t just on the type or most expensive hair product applied but making sure to have the right food intake. To grow long natural hair, you need to promote the hair from the inside while it reflects on the outer part but when you fail to maintain a well-balanced diet the hair dyes off slowly.

Now the most important asked question comes? which food is required to promote long hair growth. To achieve this one has to focus more on the proteinous food intake such as fish, whole grind, nuts etc. Even if you are not a meat lover, you’ve got to leverage this perspective to achieve long hair growth.

How to make your hair grow longer and Faster

  1. Be Careful when brushing wet hairs

Hair breakage is likely to occur when the hair is wet. Too much water exposed on the hair helps swell and stretch the hair shaft which aids in the removal of the outer layer of the hair.

It is best recommended to brush the hair on or before shampooing and if need be to detangle the hair when wet it should be well toweled dry to an extent it no longer drips water.

How to make your hair grow longer and Faster

  1. Excessive Heat Styling should be disbanded

To grow longer hair, too many heat stylings of the hair should be avoided as it paves ways to tangling and breakage of hair.

Best recommended to abate the temperature and regularly use a heat protectant when styling your hair.

  1. Avoid trendy ‘cleanses’

As most diet personnel or organizations may persuade that having a cleanse can turn your whole life around but I’d advise you to stay off “Cleanses” as having a cleanse is terrible for your hair and aid to faster body damages as it deprives you of nutrients.

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How to make your hair grow longer and Faster

  1. A Stop To blonde will help grow your hair longer

According to ‘Elizabeth Hiserodt’ a senior colorist at Cutler Salon in New York City said that less chemical used on the hair helps reduce hair breakage and thereby increase the chance of acquiring longer hair growth. So, a resistance to the urge of one getting blonde should be ascertained at a minimal.

How to make your hair grow longer and Faster

  1. Constant Using of your hair’s natural oils

Oh no, that look got when going to bed with unbrushed hair may seem discouraging especially when tired. Here comes a quick tip to grow your hair longer, giving your hair a few quick strokes can be of great benefit to its health. while starting at the scalp, kindly use a boar bristle brush to apply your scalp’s natural oil around your hair so it gets moisturized.

Repeating this process each night will help in the hair circulation as it adds to the health of your scalp.

  1. More vitamin to your morning routine

If your daily diet isn’t supplying you with the right proportion of nutrients, using a recommended supplement can recover all that is lost or needed to improve your body and hair growth.

According to Dr. Fusco, a well-formulated vitamin at least labeled for, nail, skin, and hair supports hair growth and skin glow as it contains great vitamins such as biotin and C and B.

  1. Frequent Hydrating and conditioning your hair

This is one of the secrets used by top beauty labs i.e., frequent hydrating and conditioning of your hair helps to prevent detangling strands and hair damage.

According to Liana Zingarino, a hairstylist in New York. An already made or DIY hair mask from root to top once or twice a week especially one containing cinnamon, aids to the affection of blood circulation for a strong and long hair in a very short period of time.

  1. Use Egg Yolk Mask to Stop Breakage

Bauman on research has it that hair growth takes approximately a quarter to a half an inch per month. Without being told we can’t faster the process but can help promote quick growth of the hair shafts each follicle can produce.

To get this recommendation done, kindly stir the egg and oil mixture while using a glove to apply the mask to the top of the scalp and reaching to the end of your hair and leave for about 40mintues to an hour and rinse with cold water.

This is done as a treatment to prevent hair loss, brittle hair, and foster hair growth.

How to make your hair grow longer and Faster

  1. Use Cold Water to strengthen Hair growth

Just like hot water can damage your mane and causes skin dehydration, it will be best if you use cold water after a cleanse. Coldwater also helps to cover up cuticles and aid in strengthening hair follicles. But if you can’t handle cold water you can try using tepid water for rinsing.

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Bonus Tips

Always maintain a cooler shower and focus more on the scalp:

Hot water can dehydrate your skin and is said to be rough on the hair. So, it is best recommended to use a tepid temperature of the water when cleansing while adding a little shampoo and massage around the scalp to help foster circulation.



I believe the above 10 tips on how to make your hair grow longer help? If you have more to add to the above listed or you’d want me to throw more light on some of the points feel free to let me know via comment section as I’d be glad to attend to your request. Kindly share this article if you find it helpful.

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