How To Regain Virginity Again

How To Regain Virginity Again

Virginity can be commonly referred to as the state of a woman still having her hymen unbroken and intact because she has not engaged in sexual activities. Or a situation whereby no penetration or force could have led to the breaking of the hymen. That is why a person who hasn’t experienced sexual relationships is regarded as a virgin.

The topic of this article could be rephrased to questions like, “Can the hymen grow back?” “Does the hymen determine virginity?”

The answer to the first question is no. The hymen can not grow back once it has been stretched open; it opens once on the first time of penetration and can not break again, and neither can it grow back to being closed.

However, The hymen is a thin fleshy tissue embedded across the parts of your vaginal opening. Forceful penetrations into the vagina can stretch the hymen open, breaking it. Most people think that vaginal sex is the only way the hymen can be broken. No, other activities can make a woman lose her virginity aside from sex, and they include;

  • Inserting hard objects forcefully inside the vagina.
  • Stretching the walls of the hymen by using tampons and sex toys.
  • Masturbating by using your fingers to massage your vagina frequently. You could be breaking the hymen unknowingly.
  • Riding bicycles and doing gymnastics a lot.
  • Participating in severe stressful and vigorous exercises.

The second question is, does the hymen determine your virginity?

There is no doubt that the hymen is closely related to virginity. But this is not always the case. This is because it is commonly believed that the hymen must break during a woman’s first sexual intercourse, thereby causing blood to rush out of the vagina.

Different women are created with varying sizes of the hymen. Some women have their own very big, tightly stretched, and hard to break into. That is why they feel so much pain during their first sex, which leads to blood rushing out of the vagina due to the tear.

While other women have a very thin and unnoticeable hymen that even during their first sexual intercourse, they feel no pain or have no blood gushing out because their hymen is so tiny and could be naturally opened already; hence, it has no reason to tear.

So, for this reason, the hymen does not determine virginity because other factors aside from sexual activities could lead to the breaking of the hymen. Besides, you can not also tell if someone has had sex by how their hymen looks or feels.

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With this article, you will have complete knowledge about the hymen and their relation to virginity. You will also understand that the presence or absence of a hymen in a woman can not prove or disprove whether she has engaged in sexual activity.

If you haven’t had sex before but have noticed that your hymen is broken or opened already or unnoticeable, there is no need to worry because it is normal. You must have broken your hymen due to other physical activities mentioned above in this article. And that does not dispute the fact that you’re still a virgin because you’re yet to have sexual relationships with any man.

Although virginity has different meanings to everyone, the general meaning is when someone has never engaged in sexual activities. Suppose you have lost your virginity due to conscious or unconscious sexual intercourse; instead of wondering how to regain your virginity. In that case, you should think about how to be in control of your sexual activities. You can not regain your virginity back, but you can be in control of your sexual life by regaining your self-confidence. 

You need to erase the mindset of losing your worth after sexual relationships. Because having sex is a mutual activity between two parties, whatever you think you must have failed, bear in mind that the other party has lost it. 

Well-consented sexual intercourse should not give you any form of emotional damage. After all, you were both naked, tried to satisfy one another, and compromised each other’s integrity just for the sake of pleasure. Therefore you’re both receivers and not givers; you received the pleasure and have given nothing in return. Since you didn’t give out anything, you have lost nothing. Decide now to be in charge of your sex life, abstain if you must, or indulge with your full consent.

In summary, This article has been educative by telling you the meaning of the hymen, how it can be broken and how it is related to virginity. However, you have also learned that you should not be bothered about regaining your virginity back; instead, become more confident in yourself and take control of your sexual life. I hope you found this content “How To Regain Virginity Again” helpful; thanks for reading!

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