How To Screenshot On Mac Keyboard

Hi, does your workspace requires the constant taking of screenshot on your Mac or Macbook pro? If YES, you are at the right place to know how to screenshot on mac keyboard.

You know that feeling encountered while surfing the net, you stumbled upon an image clip and want to take a screenshot but don’t see the button to command such action; it sucks if am not mistaken. Taking a screenshot could be an excellent means of sending an error report to a tech or support team as it allows you to capture the screened error that requires fixing.

Another event that prompts the idea of learning how to screenshot on mac keyboard could be a friendly memo on your social media handle; you can capture it for reference purposes if need be.

However, after Mojave’s release, screenshot on mac has always been easy as mac launches an inbuilt tool that can help you take a screenshot without having to stress using the keyboard keys.

Without bugging you with lots of intros, let’s quickly dive into our topic, and below we, I’d be sharing a different method of taking a screenshot on a mac ranging from using the inbuilt tool to using the keyboard keys.


How To Screenshot On a Mac Using An Inbuilt Screenshot Tool

How To Screenshot On Mac Keyboard

To take a screenshot on a mac using the inbuilt screenshot tool, carefully follow the below steps to get it done.

First, open the screenshot tool by navigating to Launchpad > Other > Screenshot; you can as well use the keyboard shortcut keys to get it opened Shift+Command+5

  • Once it is open, you will have an option to make a choice, i.e., to capture the entire workspace, select window, or create a custom section to perform your screenshot.
  • There are multiple options from the menu, like capturing a recorded video, timer setup, and a drop-down, which allows you to choose a destination to save your shoots.


How To Screenshot On Mac Keyboard (Grab The Whole Screen)

How To Screenshot On Mac Keyboard

To grab the whole screen of your workspace in your screenshot, kindly use the shortcut key Shift+Command+3 to get it done. By default, a thumbnail displays in the corner of your screen, you can choose to edit it, or it saves as png right in your system.

How To Capture a Portion Of The Screen

How To Screenshot On Mac Keyboard

Sometimes, taking the full screen isn’t necessary, as we may desire to screenshot a portion of the screen; here, what you should do. Use the shortcut Shift+Command+4, then click and drag the crosshair to select the specific area to cover in your screenshot. You can press and hold the space bar while dragging to move selection, while a press on the Esc (Escape) key is to cancel your screenshot.


capture a window or menu

Follow these steps to capture a specific window or menu

Press Shift+Command+4+Space bar; having done this, the pointer automatically changes to a camera icon. To highlight, move the camera over the window, and you can also choose to switch between grabbing a specific menu or custom capturing by pressing the spacebar key.

Capturing Of The Touch Bar

Please note that not all Macs have the touch bar, but if lucky, you possess one with the touch bar feature and would love to share something from your touch bar with your friends, colleagues then do this to get its screenshot. Press Shift + Command + 6; by using the shortcut, it will automatically capture all displayed on your touch bar.

Here brought us to the end of the topic of how to screenshot on mac keyboard, and we’d thought these we want to share with you would be of an added advantage since you are pretty much interested in knowing how to screenshot on mac.

Change The Destination Of Where Your Mac Screenshots Are Saved

How To Screenshot On Mac Keyboard

Now that you have known how to take a screenshot on a mac, guessed is time to know where screenshots are saved on mac and where to find screenshots on mac.

By default, all screenshots taken are saved on the desktop. You can either choose to leave it or change it.

To change it

  • Open the screenshot tool by pressing the shortcut key Shift+Command+5 or by going to Launchpad > Other > Screenshot > Options
  • From the menu options SAVE TO, you can change to your preferred location, e.g., Clipboard, mail, messages, and documents. (You can click other location to save to your preferred file folder)

Tip: Instead of you having to save the screenshot to the computer, you can use the shortcut key Shift+Command+Control+3 to capture the entire screen or Shift+Command+Control+4 to select a capturing portion, then head over to your clipboard and paste it there. If you want to use It on your social media, you can paste it there, and it automatically shows up instead of saving and occupying space on your computer.


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How To Change Image Format

How To Screenshot On Mac Keyboard

By default, all screenshot is saved in a PNG format, and knowing fully well you may want to change it due to it, not being accepted by any platform that wished to get shot of a different file format, not PNG.

Here is what you can do to change your mac screenshot PNG to JPG format

  • Head over to Launchpad > Other > Terminal and insert the below code inside the new window:
defaults write type jpg

 Having done that, you may be asked to restart your computer, and after that, any incoming screenshot will automatically be saved in JPG format

NOTE: To change it back to PNG, kindly edit the above code and end with your preferred image format, which will be PNG this time around.



I believed the above methods solve your question on how to screenshot on mac keyboard. And if you have any difficulty with the procedures discussed in this article, do not hesitate to let us know via the comment section as we’d be glad to help you find an alternate solution to your query.

Meanwhile, there are many people out there looking for a solution to how to screenshot on mac keyboard; kindly help reach out to them by sharing this great article with them with the aid of our social shares button. Thank You for reading

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