How To Wear Waist Beads – A Complete Guide

How to wear waist beads

Looking for how to wear waist beads? if yes, read on. A waist bead is a traditional accessory made with strings and colorful beads, usually worn around the waist. They are also made from either glass beads, seeds, or crystal stones.

The origin of waist beads could be traced down to African women who wore them as feminity symbols. Waist beads have been worn since the 15th century as it is widely recognized on the African continent, especially in west African countries like Nigeria and Ghana. However, some Non-African countries have also adopted this fashion.

Many ladies wear waist beads to decorate and beautify themselves, it is also worn to respect their culture and traditions which they are indeed proud of; some use them for seducing men, while some use them as waist trainers and weight check. Some see them as a means of boosting their confidence. It is often used as charms by most ladies; we wouldn’t necessarily dive into that discussion but it’s essential to understand that waist beads can be so powerfully used among the female gender. These beautiful ornaments are less expensive and can be purchased within our local markets and residence. Most women are skilled in making it by themselves. The accessory is easily accessible, so it is widely worn by most African women in the world today.

However, some women in this generation do not wear waist beads. Only a few of them have not keyed into that fashion, probably because of personal reasons. Some women choose not to wear them because it’s not related to their culture. While some women do not want to indulge because they are scared the beads might have mystical powers attached to them. This could be due to the viral stories from people about how waist beads can be used as powerful enchantments to attract and keep men. Hence some women find it diabolic to use.

Generally, everyone has their preference and different understanding of these beautiful accessories. Nevertheless, in this 21st century, most men naturally admire women with waist beads, while other men are highly disgusted by it. If you’re the type that feels comfortable wearing waist beads and wondering how best you can wear them, then this article is for you.

Below are three (3) different on how to wear waist beads 

How To Wear Waist Beads – A Complete Guide


1.) Wearing it under the belly

This can be regarded as the most comfortable and familiar way of wearing waist beads. Allowing the accessory to dangle below your stomach’s panty line can be very sexy and attractive. This alignment can make the dots relax on your waist so that the lines won’t show when you put on your clothes. This is how most women of today wear their waist beads.

2.) Tying it like a bow 

Most women don’t feel comfortable wearing waist beads all day. They would rather wear it during the day and off it at night. If you’re under this category you can tie the waist beads loosely from the beginning before wearing them on your waist so that when you’re tired of wearing them, you can easily pull them off upwardly as if taking off your tops/shirts.

3.) Wearing it low

This is also an advantage for women who don’t like to wear waist beads all day due to irritations or other reasons. However, you can wear the beads very low around your waistlines, allowing them to dangle all over your bum. This will make it easy for you anytime you wish to pull it off. With this style, you can quickly off it the way you off your panties.

This article will not be complete without mentioning how you can maintain your waist beads. Sometimes the beads may look dull after wearing it to shower or just begin to fade over time. If this happens, polish the beads with a cloth, and you will see them shining back again.

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