Importance of Email Marketing

Let’s focus on the importance of email marketing today! We hear more and more companies saying that they have started emailing.

They say that it is the most profitable distribution channel but also the most efficient. That you have to possess an email marketing software and a contact list. And to finish the famous expression, “the money is on the list.”

From my point of view, I sincerely think it is interesting, even urgent, for you to start by creating an email list. It is possible that you already have one, as well as a customer database. The problem is, you are not running it right now. I almost want to tell you that’s okay; at least you already have a list.

Setting up an email strategy is a bit like planting a tree. Initially, you will invest time in understanding and applying. But once that effort is made, you’re going to have a powerful tool that will work for you.

Converting prospects into customers, building loyalty, and gaining confidence, winning back customers, the objectives can be numerous. But they will all realize automatically.

5 Importance of Email Marketing – Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important

So today, we will be looking at some significant importance of email marketing!


  1. You, Will, Have Control Over Your Actions

One of the major importance of email marketing is that you can have a lot more control over your actions than Instagram, Facebook, or your site’s SEO.

With a website as the only digital strategy, your visibility depends on the search engines’ goodwill. If the algorithms change, you will be penalized without being able to have a say.

In 2016, the same problem happened on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. They have decided to lower the visibility of pages and accounts drastically. Their arguments: to ensure that users see only the content that interests them.

But in reality, it was hiding the arrival and deployment of a sponsored posts strategy. Users and companies wanting to gain more visibility on their publications will now have to pay.

I will always be amazed to see Facebook pages of big brands with millions of likes, having 10 “likes” on their last post. That is to say, an engagement rate bordering on 1 per 100,000.

As a result, you easily understand that you are not totally in control of your visibility with these tools. Using email marketing, you make sure that you have constant statistics that will depend only on your strategy.


  1. Emailing Marketing Is Important For Obtaining Data

Marketing professionals consider it to be the new mineral of the 21st century: data! This is information about you as a user and a potential customer:

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Age
  • Birthday
  • Location (country, city, or even real-time location)
  • Sex
  • Sports, intellectual habits, entertainment …

The information is collected according to the company. For example, it may be of interest to a company that sells food supplements to know your sports activity level.

If you are a regular athlete, you will potentially be in a better position to buy their products regularly. Whereas if you only exercise on the first Sunday of each month, there is no need for the company to target you on advertising, for example.

User data is, therefore, essential because it initially allows you to understand your target better. Then, you can personalize your offers with the person’s first name to make them unique.

As for your case, by using email, you will know the name, the first name, the date of registration, and the location. You can also ask for other information, but the more you ask, the more your number of registrants will decrease.

  1. Email Marketing Is Important To Create A Strong Bond With Your Customer

Do you know storytelling? It is simply the act of telling a story, or your story, to prevent the user from being bored when opening your emails. Storytelling is a compelling way to create a bond between a client and a business. By telling your story, the customer will learn more about you and are more likely to stay loyal.

You, therefore, have the opportunity to reach out to your audience, whatever their age. And thus, whatever your industry, emailing is a strategy applicable to your business.

Also, it is possible to let your readers send you replies by email. It’s even highly recommended to make sure you never fall into their SPAM box. If their email address provider (Gmail, Outlook, Orange, Mail Mac…) realizes that there are interaction and email exchanges, they will understand that you are not a spammer.

Even if you do not necessarily respond to your customer, the interaction will take place.

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  1. Email Marketing Is Important For You To Increase Your Sales

After creating a solid bond with your audience, you can be sure that your sales will logically increase. You will also have better customer loyalty, and therefore more recurring purchases.

With an autoresponder, you may also be able to create sales pages and email capture pages. Subsequently, when you send emails, you can redirect your readers to these sales pages. And this is how you can also increase your sales.

You can also offer discount coupons through email campaigns. Short-term offers with timers—even complementary products based on the person’s past purchases.

You can also make sure to follow up with customers who have abandoned their carts on your e-commerce site. If your emailing software is linked to your e-commerce CRM, you can create an automation strategy during cart abandonment. Here’s a follow-up email from ASOS, as well as an email Amazon sent based on recently viewed products.

It is a very powerful method of selling. Quite simply because you remind the customer of the choice he made previously. And for consistency, he’s supposed to finish his order if he’s someone logical. So by using the consistency-based influence technique, you increase your sales.


  1. Email Marketing Makes It Possible For You To Fully Analyze Your Actions

When you advertise in newspapers or media like radio or even TV, can you fully measure your ROI? No, your ad will run, but you won’t know the exact number of people affected. You will also not be able to understand what are the spinoffs and the customers that this operation brought you back.

With an email marketing tool, you will be able to analyze in real-time the opening, the clicks, and the sales that this generates.

And finally, you can do A / B or A / X testing. This is like cutting your email list into two or more and sending the same email by changing one parameter. For example, you change the title between the two emails, and you analyze the results. The group with the best open rate will tell you that this is the most optimized title for your campaigns.


Conclusion: Importance of Email Marketing

You now know the importance of email marketing. So if you are researching the subject, you must have seen people saying that it is a stale, declining strategy. These are the same people who claim that blogging is dead or that YouTube is a medium that will die out.

What is certain is that sending duplicate emails as five years ago is not a method that still works. You have to know how to evolve, find new strategies, and adapt according to trends.

Since email has become accessible to everyone, the number of emails sent to explode. You have to know how to stand out from the crowd. Thank you!

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