Jobs In Cannada For Foreigners Without Work Permit (Apply Now)

Jobs In Cannada For Foreigners Without Work Permit

As a citizen of another country who just arrived in Canada or planning on going to Canada, you might find it hard to go out there to job hunt due to the fact that you don’t have a work permit that gives you the legal right to work in any part of Canada; Only a few individuals out there are aware that there are short term jobs that have a specific duration of time which allows foreigners to do without necessarily possessing a work permit.

So, before you embark on your journey, I’d implore you to spend some time and go through this article as it informs foreign nationals from any part of the world about jobs in Canada for foreign nationals who do not possess a work permit.

N.B: The jobs listed here are not permanent as they all have a specific duration of time and can be extended either with the help of your employer, the organization you work for or you getting a work permit.


Jobs In Cannada For Foreigners Without Work Permits


  1. Foreign Government worker or Representative

A foreign Government worker often referred to as a diplomat is an individual from another country or the U.N body and is actually in Canada for mainly official purposes or working in Canada on behalf of your country; for instance, the American ambassador to Canada or someone working in the American embassy in Canada doesn’t necessarily need a work permit to work in Canada since that individual is representing a country. Although, some individuals don’t work for long as they only come to work briefly and then return. The duration for such foreign government workers is usually 3 months and can only be extended if they obtain an official letter from the government of their country stating that they would be in Canada for more than the normal duration which must also be approved by the Canadian government.


  1. Health Care Student

As a foreign student currently studying in the medical field in any Canadian college or university and wishes to work in Canada; the job you wish to do must also be medically related so that they can consider it as part of the training program. The requirements include that students must participate in clinical clerkships, the goal of the student should be that the employment is strictly for training purposes, an approval from the province you are residing in (although not all provinces need this), and lastly, your training must be less than four months. Not everyone might like this kind of requirement due to the fact that some might want to explore other things outside the medical field, so the Canadian government has made it easy by allowing foreign students who do not meet those conditions to endeavor to get a work permit which would give them the legal right to work in any field and also any part of Canada.

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  1. Performing Artist

As a performing artist who is coming to Canada to either perform or host a show/concert, you basically don’t need a work permit if you can meet the following requirements which are: not involving yourself in any broadcast either for a television company, radio house or film it has to for the main reason you came, not being hired or accepting any employment offer while in Canada, there would be a specific duration given to you and depending on the type of show you’re putting up; once the artiste has reached the time frame it is advisable to either meet the government to extend it or you go and lastly you are either the artist or member of the artist crew.


  1. Public or Guest speakers

If you are invited to Canada to either give a talk or address a set of people either at a seminar or any large gathering, then you can work in Canada during your stay without needing a work permit; although the duration is only 5 days and can only be extended if the event or purpose that brought you to Canada is longer than 5 days, then you can be given an extension from the Canadian government.


  1. International students

As an international student who is currently studying in Canada, you do not need a work permit to either study on or off-campus in Canada as the government allows international students who chose to work in Canada to work without possessing a work permit. Although, the government only allows international students to work for 20 hours a week when their academic session is still on in other to allow them face their studies and prevent the work from taking their time and also gives them the opportunity to work a full time when they are on their break on holidays; so as an international student who is looking to either work on or off-campus, I can assure you that the Canadian government has made it easy for you all to work without possessing a work permit.

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  1. Foreign Investigator Or Witness

As a foreign national who is in Canada to either make an investigation or a witness before a tribunal, a law court, or a regulatory body; you do not need a work permit to work there while you are still working on your main aim of being in Canada. There is no time duration given to this set of people as the government gives them enough time to work and make their findings concerning the evidence or proof they are going to present to the court or tribunal.

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  1. Service Providers

As a foreign citizen, you can work in Canada without a work permit if you are going there to do work or service to humanity, such kinds of work include natural disasters, fire, and others that can be a way of securing lives and properties. And the time duration comes to an end when such things have come to an end or are being managed.

  1. Clergy

As a foreign national who is an ordained minister or a member of any religious body, you do not need a work permit to work in Canada as long as you are going there to perform duties like preaching doctrine, giving counseling, and doing religious inclined things.


In summary, the above mentioned are all applicable to foreign nationals from any part of the world provided that you can abide by the laid down rules from the government of any province you find yourself in. I would also advise you that in as much as you don’t need a work permit, you should endeavor to get one if you chose to extend your work in Canada.


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