List of Canadian employers looking for foreign workers

List of Canadian employers looking for foreign workers

I know you’re searching for the “List of Canadian employers looking for foreign workers.” But this article will not be directly giving you the list of employers or companies in Canada that needs foreign workers. Instead we will be directly showing the easiest ways that a foreigner can get legit  jobs in Canada without much stress as you read on.

However from recent researches it has been discovered that the rate of immigration in Canada is high. This could be because the country is open to accepting new immigrants and also provides several immigration programs and services for them.

Due to the country’s policies, securing a job as a foreigner in Canada could be very difficult. But the good news is that Canada  is a well developed and technologically advanced country thereby being creative and innovative in balancing the workforce and general economy of their country, they have designed recruiting agencies that helps foreigners work legally and legitimately for them as their citizens would.

Patronizing this recruiting agencies help to speed up the employment processes and help you the foreigner acquire the legal documents needed for you to work in the country.

Most Canadian employers prefer to employ immigrants who are qualified for the position and functionality of their organizations. So long as they meet up the necessary requirements, authorization and permission to be employed, they can even gain employment before stepping their foot into the country.

Well, this article will be listing the Canadian Recruiting Agencies that helps foreigners secure legit jobs.

Recruitment Agencies in Canada 


  1. Hays Calgary Recruitment Agency

This is one of the leading legal recruitment agencies in Canada that helps to refer or match qualified candidates to companies in Canada either for contracts, permanent employment or temporal jobs. Registering with them offers you the following employment services; Accounting and Finance jobs, Information technology (IT), Construction jobs, Office Professionals, Property and Facilities Management , Resource management and Mining. If you fit into the above professions listed you can kindly visit their page for more informations.


  1. Global Hire Immigration and Placement Services 

This is a licensed recruitment agency founded in 2006. They specialize in both local and international recruitment for foreigners ready to work in Canada. Registering with them will offer you the following services; Express entry, PNP, Spousal Applications, Visitor, Worker, and Study , Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Kindly visit their site for more information.


  1. Canadian Staffing Consultants

This is an employment consultant agency that provide professional workers for both large and small companies or organizations. They are experts in introducing employers to well skilled and qualified job seekers in and outside Canada. Registering with them offers you the following services; Employment agency, Financial consulting, Financial planning, payrolls services and so on. Kindly visit their page for more enlightenment.


  1. Work Global Canada Inc.

This agency can help both foreigners and citizens of Canada get good employment services globally. They specialize on recruiting, job consultancy, immigration services and international recruitments. Visit their page for resources and information.


  1. Gold beck Recruiting

This recruiting agency are specialized in finding candidates for an available position in any organization. The agency has been in existence since 1997. They find the most qualified people for the job, thereby helping companies, organizations and industries in Canada get authentic workers. Their major services include recruiting, contingency recruitment, data analysis, executive recruitment and so on. Visit their page for more information and enquiries.


  1. Renard International Consultants

This is a consultancy agency situated in Ontario, Canada. They specialize in introducing job seekers to different firms to select the one they can work with. It is an International company that also helps to recruit skilled and professional workers for hospitality industries all over the world.


The above listed recruitment agencies are helpful to any foreign job seeker in Canada. Visit their respective pages and contact them for their services. Although each agency have their terms and conditions attached whenever they help you get a job. When you register with them, the necessary information you need to know concerning their own percentage agreement will be relayed to you. Thank you for reading.

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