Photography Scholarships For International Students (Apply Now)

Photography Scholarships For International Students

In today’s world, photography is definitely one of those things people can’t do without as it happens to be a way of life. People tend to take pictures for different reasons like special occasions, special moments in one’s life, on a vacation, in a tourist center, at the mall, housewarming, traveling either in a jet or cruise ship or whatever reason, some do it like their job and can take any kind of pictures whether pleasant or unpleasant, unpleasant events like accidents and other forms are also captured.

This day’s, about 80% of the world’s population are photographers (professional and un-professional), as people tend to take pictures of things around them. Another surprising aspect is that a lot of professional photographers no longer make use of cameras again as most people these days use their phones to take pictures and edit them or add whatever effects or adjustments with the use of video editing applications or software.

In this fast-changing world, if you don’t want to carry a camera around, you can either use other means like your phone or a drone to take high-resolution pictures and it would still come out like it was shot on a camera.

So in this article, I would be listing a few scholarships that are available to every photographer out there no matter the part of the world you reside in, so as a citizen of any country who has a passion for photography and maybe wants to earn a degree in photography in other to boost your portfolio and can’t afford the cost of getting advanced photography training both in your home country and abroad, I can assure you that this article would help you by informing you on scholarships that are available to international students. So, the list of photography scholarships that are available for international students includes:


Top Best Photography Scholarships For International Students


  1. Royal Photographic Society Scholarship

The Royal photographic society was set up to help postgraduates’ studies, it is currently offering a bursary to students from any part of the world who wants to take any course on photography or research in photography. The requirements to be met include sound communication, visual awareness, camera work, technical quality, and also overall impression of the individual; the scholarship is valued at €3,500 for students who get it.


  1. The Vii Academy International Scholarship

The VII academy international scholarship is open to international students as it is in partnership with the University of Arts in London, it is strictly for the Master’s program only as the requirements include you being an undergraduate student. And it is valued at €9,995 for each student who gets the scholarship.


  1. Shootearcher Scholarship

The shoot searcher scholarship is also open to international students of any nationality as it aims at producing top-notch photographers, applicants must either be undergraduates or graduates of any university and must write an essay on the influence of photography in human life. The shoot searcher scholarship is valued at $2,000 which would be sent to the university you are studying in.


  1. Stern Magazine Scholarship

The stern magazine scholarship is targeted at young photojournalists from around the world, it awards photographers that can take unique photos. Application for this scholarship is just taking a photograph and then submitting it to them with a short, unique, and precise content detailing your project; the value of this scholarship is €1,000 and people who get it, also get the opportunity to work with the company magazine’s reporters.


  1. Ocean Awareness Contest Scholarship

The ocean awareness scholarship is available to international students from around the world ranging from the age of 11 to 18, applications for this scholarship entail that applicants must create something that has humor, positivity, and irony and must also be linked to climate change and oceans. The scholarship is valued between $50 to $1,500 as it is set to reward participants who create nice content.

Factors to consider before applying

  1. Make sure you have your visa and passport ready
  2. Make sure you meet all the requirements
  3. Make sure you have extra cash at hand for survival as most of the scholarships only cover your school and tuition fees
  4. Make sure you make enough research before applying for any of the scholarships


In summary, this article should guide you as a photographer who is seeking to apply for any photography scholarship from any part of the world and also help you in making the right choice as there are only a few scholarships available worldwide for photographers.


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