Ring 2 Video Door-bell Battery Life Review (After One Year of Testing)

While exploring the Ring 2 Video Doorbell battery life, you may be asking yourself just how long the battery lasts. Manufacturers’ promises of battery life sometimes do not match real-world usage. 

We’ve analyzed Ring doorbell battery life for pretty much a year and it has most of the information you want about how long its battery life lasts.

ring doorbell battery life
ring doorbell battery life

Recharging the Battery

Since You Might Be recharging your doorbell every couple of months, it’s fantastic to learn how complicated the process is.

To recharge Ring Two battery here Are your measures:

  • Unscrew the safety screw on the floor Of those doorbells. Ensure that you make use of the orange Ring-branded screw-driver as it has a distinctive hexagon-type form.
  • Take out the faceplate by lifting it.
  • Press the black tab at the ground to Slide out the battery
  • Connect the battery to the miniature USB Charging cable

If it is first charging, then the crimson and Green will probably be lit up. Once it’s finished loading, then just the green light onto the battery will be well ventilated.

As you can see, it is rather easy to Recharge.

The Ring 2 battery includes a miniature USB jack Directly on the battery for simple charging. It’s possible to plug into just about any small USB cable, and it’ll charge the battery up.

It is fine that we have no additional hardware such as a distinct charger demanded.

The battery takes 510 hours to recharge fully, based on how exhausted it is. This seems somewhat longer than you Might anticipate; however, we have the possibility that will help that you still maintain your doorbell moving while it’s charging.


Extra Batteries

The USB charging onto the battery is much better than the original Ring doorbell, which takes one to reinstall the whole doorbell and plug it for charging.

Considering that the Ring 2 batteries are removable, it’s possible to have no downtime in any way.

Simply Buy an Excess Ring Two battery pack. Charge up the extra one and keep it. By that, you can quickly swap batteries out when it’s time. It’s unnecessary to continue to keep it to the charger so that you never deplete the battery life.

ring doorbell battery life

How to Maintain Your ring doorbell battery life

The longer you use your ring doorbell, the longer it drains your battery. However, there are ways to conserve your two battery life, and that means that you are not stuck always recharging it. Here are some factors which may empty your ring doorbell battery life:

  • Temperature. 

If it drops below 40° F, your battery won’t be able to stay charged. The Ring two battery is lithium-ion, which then drains faster in cold weather. Once it warms up, getting your cells to put on a fee more efficiently is possible.

  • An excessive amount of activity. 

Every time that your Ring 2 communicates using its servers, it employs precisely the battery. When sending clips into the cloud 20+ times every day, it is possible to get the battery to expire quickly. This may be fixable. If you lower the sensitivity, disable motion zones, or modify one’s doorbell’s management, employ a wedge kit. You also will lessen the alarms in your doorbell. You might also alter the Smart Alarms in a reasonable manner, which means you’re alarmed not as usual.

  • You check the feed too usually. 

Pulling Your doorbell’s feed to understand its present video drains its battery. You might choose to think hard before yanking the energetic flow to check in numerous activities daily.

  • You are turning off Live-view. 

Still another alternative to conserve your battery life is to turn off live-view from the settings. This usually means that you can’t check into the feed in the doorbell unless there’s motion or so the button has been pressed. 

This includes a positive influence on battery life as your doorbell does not need to maintain a continuing wi fi connection.

ring doorbell battery life

Solar charger

If you follow all Ring’s recommendations, and you still find out your ring doorbell battery is draining too fast, you may have a look at the solar panel for the Ring 2.

This is a fairly cool accessory that lots of people have no idea about. It’s usually priced at approximately $49 and works as a mounting bracket supporting the doorbell.

It is weather-resistant and installs supporting your doorbell. You’re able to link the cable connector out of the solar panel into the terminals over the rear of this doorbell and twist them into place.

The solar panel needs a couple of hours Of direct sun regular; therefore, if your front porch is more secure, they won’t be a solution.

It also creates Ring Two to seem Larger, which is surprising as it’s a big doorbell. When you buy it, ensure you keep a watch on how well it keeps your doorbell charged as it has some mixed reviews on Amazon. 

If it can’t work, you might still be in the window of returning if you are quick enough.

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ring doorbell 2 battery life

Additional Doorbell Batteries

In case you are considering Ring Pro or alternatives to Ring doorbells. You would like to understand their battery life; you will want to look at our ring doorbell battery inspection. This covers all your choices for Ring doorbells and creates awareness of just how each doorbell differs.

For example, the first Ring Door-bell Is well famous for using a battery life founded on user reviews. It takes recharging more usually, and it is a massive drawback you’ve got to clear away the whole doorbell as opposed to merely the battery.

If you have a battery doorbell, you are going to require to bypass Ring Pro.

We also have complete comparisons of Ring Compared to Ring 2 compared to Ring Pro compared to Ring Elite features and Ring compared to August compared to SkyBell.

There are many variables you have to consider before you choose your ring doorbell battery life whenever you go out for doorbell shopping. We discuss cloud storage, video quality, doorbell dimensions, and additional significant qualities to think about for every single doorbell.

In case you are only trying to maintain an eye on the front porch and do not value the doorbell functionality, an exterior security camera may be a fantastic alternative.

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Conclusion: Ring Doorbell Battery Life

Overall, we have experienced adequate satisfaction from this ring doorbell battery life. Though it’s a little less than the guaranteed 6-12 months, we’re still delighted about just how long its battery life continues.

Plus, it is so easy to plug and recharge. Swapping an excess battery tends to make it more suitable. You will find many facets that may transform the length of time your battery life continues. 

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