See Canada’s Most In-Demand Jobs in 2023

The job market is always evolving, so it’s important to know which jobs are likely to be in high demand in the years to come. Demand is affected by several factors, including industrial change, social trends, and economics. Understanding which jobs may be in high demand in 2022 can help you plan your career in an appropriate way and be prepared for any changes. Below, we list 16 jobs we believe will be in high demand in Canada in 2022.

Customer service reps

Customer service representatives interact with customers, answer questions, and resolve complaints. They also coordinate deliveries and liaise with sales and logistics departments to ensure that customers receive the products they need. This job is expected to grow in demand by 2022, as more people turn to online shopping.

According to Randstad Canada, customer service reps are one of Canada’s most in-demand jobs in 2022. These professionals often work with customers via phone or email to resolve issues and solve problems. This profession is in high demand in Canada, and there are many immigration options available to foreigners with experience in the field.


There is a huge demand for welders in Canada, and welder skills are in high demand. This job requires experience using specialized welding equipment and knowing how to work with different types of metal. In addition, welders must be able to read technical documents.

There are many benefits to becoming a welder. First of all, you can earn a lot of money in Canada. As a welder, you can work in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas, and more.


Accountants are one of the most in-demand professionals in Canada today. They are highly sought-after for their financial expertise and leadership capabilities across industries. They are also highly regarded for their CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) credentials, which earn them an exceptional reputation for integrity and financial knowledge worldwide.

Canada’s economy remains robust and is on track to attract 432, 000 new workers by 2022. Several industries are experiencing rapid growth, including healthcare, the service industry, and information technology. Jobs in these sectors are among the best in Canada for immigration.

Construction project managers

The construction industry is growing rapidly across Canada, and project managers are in high demand. Many of these jobs are for large-scale, complex projects, such as large apartment complexes or condominiums. Other types of construction projects include public projects, such as healthcare facilities. Project managers work in a variety of sectors, and many are based in urban areas. In addition, they can work in smaller communities or rural areas.

The Greater Toronto Area alone is a huge source of construction jobs in Canada. This region boasts a booming real estate market and a pipeline of ongoing infrastructure projects. In addition, the Vancouver Lower Mainland region is home to over 10 cities and municipalities, with a growing population and booming real estate market. This area has a good quality of life and is home to the CN Tower and other notable landmarks.

Psychiatric nurses

As the number of people with mental illnesses continues to rise, the demand for psychiatric nurses is expected to keep pace. As a result, a number of provinces have listed psychiatric nurse jobs among their top jobs. This is good news for those who want to become a psychiatric nurse, but there are a number of requirements to enter Canada.

Despite the shortage of workers, this position can lead to a higher salary. This position is highly desirable, offering excellent earning potential and job security. In addition to labour shortages, an ageing population means employers will need quality workers to fill their open positions.

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