Significance of 3 am in the Bible

Significance Of 3AM In The Bible

However, most people refer to 3:00 am as the “Devils hour” or the “Witchcraft hour.”

Most Christians who believe in casting and binding of demons would usually be awake to pray by 3 AM because it is the hour their opponents or enemies will have their witchcraft meetings. They believe 3 AM is the time witchcraft operations and other demonic activities take place. The purpose is to destroy every demonic activity after their individual, friends, and family life.

However, the people who believe that 3 AM is the devil’s hour can justify their claims because the Bible references the number 3.

Below are some of the references in the Bible regarding the number 3

  • Holy Trinity of the Godhead
  • The Atonement of Jesus Christ 
  • Scriptural occurrences


  • Holy Trinity of the Godhead

The Godhead is the high-ranking celestial organization of God. Three people make up the Godhead: God the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Ghost. The greatest in authority is God the father, followed by his son Jesus Christ and then the Holy Ghost. They all have different assignments or duties delegated to their office but are working together to achieve one purpose, which is the salvation of humankind.

Because the trinity is made up of 3 members (God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost), most Christians have believed that the number 3 is divinely empowered and hence waking up at that hour (3 AM) to cast demons will be more effective.

  • The atonement of Jesus Christ 

After Jesus Christ was crucified, he was buried in a tomb. The Bible recorded that Christ rose from the dead after 3 days and ascended into heaven on the third day. Most Christians could have thought the number 3 is divine and has some great powers attached to it. Therefore they decide to pray at that hour (3 AM) for a more powerful result.

  • Scriptural occurrences 

Searching the Bible earnestly, you will see that the scriptures always indicated the third hour of the day (3 PM) for the time of great and powerful occurrences. The devil and his agents program themselves to work the opposite of God’s plan; they subsequently make people do otherwise as the Lord has instructed; their purpose is to keep working opposite God’s direction, including 3 AM.

This means that the devil is aware of the great significance of 3 PM in the scriptures and how powerfully divine that hour means to Christians. That is why he and his agents decide to operate at 3 AM when most children of God are asleep or unaware of their operations.

However, most Christians have come to understand these secrets. Hence they wake up at 3 AM, consciously or unconsciously, to pray and terrorize the kingdom of darkness.

If you’re wondering if it’s powerful to pray by 3 AM, the answer is yes. Reason because;

God will answer our prayers at any hour of the day. There is no special hour for which you should pray. The scriptures have said we should pray without ceasing; in other words, pray without stopping or relenting and be spiritually active at all times to defeat the devil’s vices. 

1 Thessalonians 5:17 (King James Version)

“Pray without ceasing.”

In summary, We can not deny that evil exists and there are powers of darkness working against every child of God. But the main fact that can not be disputed remains that “God answers the prayers of all his children at any hour and any time of the day.” especially the devoted Christians; therefore, you need to be highly spiritually inclined to help yourself escape these devils’ captivity.

Deciding to pray by 3 AM or waking up at that hour to cast and bind demons is a personal decision because men are free to live according to their understanding of the gospel and religious beliefs. 

Remember these quoted sentences above and readjust your prayer life. He will surely hear you whenever you call on him.

As for 3 AM, we have come to understand its significance to Christianity. I hope you found this content educative; thanks for reading, and God bless you!


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