Spirit Of Python And Christian Beliefs

Spirit Of Python And Christian Beliefs

Python snake has been associated with spiritual meanings, and the view is commonly related to the demonic world.

However, this article will review the close relationship between the spirit of python and Christian beliefs. Most Christians have centered their life issues on being coming from wicked demonic activities. They believe that their life problems and challenges are coming from demonic forces. This could be logical due to the belief that Satan is an enemy to humanity and has his demonic angels working with him to destroy the affairs of man.

Christians worldwide have become spiritually alert to any demonic vices or agents, including python. Although these beliefs can not be countered wrong or true, the approach to this spiritual matter has enriched over 80 million deliverance ministries worldwide. These deliverance ministries claim to have powers over demonic operations and can exorcise evil spirits through their anointed prophets, pastors, Evangelists, and so forth.

Religion teaches people that this python spirit or spirit has the power to put people in spiritual bondages like poverty, childlessness, and setbacks in all their endeavors. The spirit can also make them depressed and unhappy and do things they wouldn’t naturally want to do because they’re possessed.

The python spirit belief could be related to the scriptures, in the book of Acts, chapter 16, verse number 16. And I quote

“And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying:” (Act 16:16 King James Version)

Spirit Of Python And Christian Beliefs

In the context of this bible passage above, the word “divination” has been translated into other languages by bible scholars and philosophers, who then came to understand that “divination” in Greek means “python.” However, in ancient history, there is a Greek mythical story of Apollo slaying the serpent dragon.

The dragon lived in the Pytho region and was safeguarded by the oracle of Delphi. Going back to the Bible, it could be that the Philippi in Acts 16 was saying that the damsel was possessed by the powers of the spirit of python. And it was delivered by the apostle Paul in Acts 16:18-21.

This story is one of the pillars most Christians have used to justify the belief that the python spirit can possess people, so they need to be delivered.

It is essential to understand that the Bible has not stated facts about python spirits or how it operates. The scripture has not given Christians any reason to believe in any spirit named python. Therefore this python spirit might have been assumed based on mythical stories of the existence of monsters by different traditions or cultures.

This article has not said that demonic spirits do not exist or have not been mentioned in the scriptures. Still, the piece clearly says that PYTHON SPIRITS have not been mentioned in any biblical verses; hence, true Christians should not build their faith or beliefs.

Nevertheless, the Lord Jesus Christ, whom we have chosen to follow as Christians, has assured us something in James chapter 4, verse number 7, and I quote.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
(James 4:7 King James Version)

In other words, the scripture above says that we Christians should submit ourselves to God and draw closer to Him by obeying his commandments. Drawing close to God will help us resist evil and the vices of the devil; when we are clouded with the things of the lord, there won’t be any room for satan to possess us or take charge of our lives; he will flee from you because you have made your body and soul the dwelling of the almighty God.

Don’t you think it’s better to follow the admonition of James 4:7 than stressing your energy over fighting spiritual demons or python spirits that might in no wise exist?? I pray we get more revelations from the lord on how to serve him better and conquer our life challenges, for a better livelihood to avoid the unnecessary quest of evil spirits and how to overcome them.

I hope you found this article “spirit of python and christian beliefs” helpful; thanks for reading, and remain blessed!

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